Call about Tim DeChristopher

This guy Tim DeChristopher got put in Federal prison for doing a pro active civil demonstration pretty much alone by the lights of his heart.  He was right in what he did.

It embarrassed and made people in power mad.  They put him in prison, ambulance which was bad enough.  Now he is having the screws put to him.

He is being caused to really suffer.  They are doing to him Isolation, and making his two years into ten.

Call and complain.   Call cause I say please do so.

To get the full story read more from Jeff Biggers who had a column on Common yesterday titled Climate Activist DeChristopher Facing Cruel Punishment in Prison?

The numbers of the people with power over Mr. Decristopher's treatment are liseted in Mr. Biggers column.

I called.  503-827-8000  Richard Ives is the Warden  DeChristophers number is #16156-081.

I'm getting more tempted not to vote for Obama or anybody this next opportunity because President Obama is not reported to have done anything to support Tim DeChristopher who is an American lone wolf hero, who just saw an injustice and acted off the cuff, and is really suffering for it.

The last number of the 5 number list is for Jason Chaffetz.  202-225-7751.  Calling these people is supposed to influence them to make Tim DeChristopher's time in prison less painful.  He ought not be in prison at all.

The broader issue of the murking up of deeds and ownership of land in the US mimicing the road Haiti went down as it's democracy became a shame is the one that looks to break any hope for your vote in the US, and is what the philosopher William James was talking about when he said Democracy is fragile.  He said thqt in his Harvard lectures of 1905.

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