Transcendia Copyright Declaration Again

Copyright to Transcendia, cough a declared Country, therapy Company, and Work of Art is done here now again, since apparently some don't get it that I made it and it is mine.

In particular this note is prompted by the Transcendia Global Solutions I see appearing.  Maybe they figure I wouldn't notice or didn't care or that since they are in the Philipines it is alright to just abrogate my name for themselves.

Who knows maybe they want to help me achieve our goals.

At anyrate I noticed this new thing yesterday and have been thinking about it.

Last time this came up my friend who is an attorney said that I needed to at least object.  So I object here and now.

– to the use of my name without my permission.

Otherwise I don't have the strength right now to do a good essay, and will just encourage you to visit my youtube Transcendian Channel and mess around there looking for something to satisfy your eyeballs.

You could also help me out by buying a flag invested infested bag or piece of clothing from the option on the homepage that is hard to see, but does be, down there on the left.  Flag is the biggest word.  Flag infested things.

Founder of Transcendia is a good place to go to friend me and write to me, or us, on facebook. is where you go to find the passport you are charged with performing the assembly of.

And you ought to buy my book HOMELESS DOG, on the Amazon Kindlestore.  

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