Editorial Comment on My Own Work

Editorial Comment on My Own Work

One ought not write things on the computer, into the e-media, that are not worthy of paper. Yesterday I made a copy of the paper copy of the writings I did for The Refrigerator. I am not yet sure how much of it really was worthy of duplication. The experience of writing on line was new to me. From September 8 to late February I filed and was posted sometimes daily.

I got angry mail from an old friend who said I had become right-wing, and people in China tried to sell me things. A long lost friend wrote me out of the blue.

Essentially what the writing accomplished was that it told me that there was an imperative for me and Transcendia to create United Nations Television as a distinct channel.

My poetry is reported to be very depressing. I think it is a testament to whatever strength and humor I have that I have survived my depression, and even made something out of it. The Transcendian Letters are not as depressing as some of my other work.

Within the body of work there are 2 and a half chapters of Force of Nature. I call the third chapter, only a half because it is very bare of descriptive passages. These are a departure from the rest of the work in a significant way. I guess really the unity of the work is really only the same sort of unity there would be to a magazine. Maybe I could make a case for myself as Editor of The United Nations Magazine.

Do they let working class people run anything? Hiring me to run United Nations Television, or Edit The United Nations Magazine would be tantamount to letting a working class person, run something important.

I had a bad dream last night. I dreamed I got a letter from C-Span saying it was not a good time to create United Nations Television, as I have envisioned it, and that it was under further consideration, though it had been determined at any rate to proceed slowly. I’ve gotten so many rejection letters in my career, that I can dream all the details. It’s one of those things that make me feel like a professional.

The letter is my favorite form. You might see The Refrigerator writings, as postumous. You might read them better if you pretend I have been dead for awhile. My friend Chuck said years ago I’d be more appreciated after I was dead. Letters are the form for the dead.

Letters are full of mistakes. Letters are supposed to be a discussion, part conversation, unfinishable, often lost, part of history. In the Transcendian Letters my discussion with myself about arming pilots is wrong in details like the sort of weapons that would be best, but I think I am on mark when I cite the precedent of Maritime Law, and the traditional gun locker of the Ship Captain.

It is the American Civil War, and its resolution to whatever good the United States has been internationally. The time has come when we are in another Revolution, a revolution of Political Order. The implication that the relationship between the United Nations and World Nations, is called to replicate the relationship between the States, and the United States, is sobering.

From the point of view of many, if that’s the alternative to the status quo, no thanks. Better for us to go it alone.

If the United States is to lead in the right direction, it must become reformed itself. The corruption of the powerful, their hypocrisy have more sever international repercussions than I think Americans want to accept.

As a whole, it is the same for the United Nations. The corruption there in either ideals, or particulars must be ended. Both entities do have still some active idealism that promise win win solutions more than if they did not exist. But all the little compromises of the past century have worn them down in their heart.

I need a transitional job that would put me in contact with Kofi Annan to more quickly cause United Nations Television. My work is out of balance right now. I hope this letter will help change that.


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