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Once I was out in the country at my friends house and my dog and his dog got in a fight. I picked both dogs up and held one in one hand and the other in the other and held their faces close for a minute while they stared and shared the fear of what I had done because of what they were doing.

Then I threw them in opposite directions. They did not fight anymore.

It was better than the time I killed one of my dogs because he was in a fight.

What else are we to do with such dogs?

It is the nature of dogs to fight.

There is no cure for this but castration or age, drug and it is not even certain that age will do it.

So then, it must be allowed for, moderated ritualized or mannered.

There will be no cigarettes in outerspace. -not even for me. What does this mean?

It means Earth will be attractive forever as a preserve for foolishnesses. It means that we will have to make many spaceships and many spacestations and many little places so that we can afford to completely lose them like cities towns and settlements that were exploded by volcanos, meteors, asteroids, bombs, diseas, or lonesome madness.

All of Earth will be like Las Vegas one day if we are wise, and lucky.

Do we have the technology? We have the technology except for the hardware store.

The Capitalist Imperative is the expanding market. What is it that space travelers could bring back to Earth, that would be worth the trip?

What do we bring home to our parents but love? To every nation outerspace is the high ground.

A religion that works in a submarine, and works in a spaceship, is a good platform.

Maybe hypocrisy is even healthy. There must be a place even for doubt about somethings.

Yes now we are on spaceship earth. A single man with two keys can punch a hole in it nowadays.

But it is not so much the one man making a bomb that matters, as all of us who do nothing but drift with our friends.

There are dogs and cats monkeys and pigs.

There is no shuttle named Ark.

There ideas that are the same as rocks.

Smallpox was wiped out but we saved some.

It is like saving ignorance. Imagine that you could not read.

Writing has never changed from anything but an inventory. Inventories and budgets are needed when there is a need for a ration.

It really is too bad that there are no aliens that need our computer games.


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