Soon for Delete1/07

First day of the website for which is our wedding present. Alright it is not the first piece of wood that I have ever cut.

Carl is drunk on the country highway on his motorcycle.

Carl is going faster than hell with only a single headlight to see by. It is only the road he can see. The road goes somewhere but it is only a road.

Trade will make you angry as will work and some people don’t have any other skill but to refine theft.

Honestly we want to sell you our goods. You need a good robot but we haven’t made it yet.

The only concrete thing that Transcendia has made has been the theology of Transcendia. The I Ching is a sermon for the Bible reading for the day.

The Bible and the I Ching are together like the best fossils.

War is about women. War is about trade. Trade and women. But mostly if you win a war you get the women. In the case of divorce from place the equality of women in the pursuit of Godliness is paramount.

Women cannot be like men. For every emotional act that feels good and therefore permanent or worthwhile they are stuck with the payment.

Feelings are betrayed for men. Feelings in the swelled heart of satisfaction and full potato belly have drifted and crashed for men to hunger and humiliation and loss.

Women and Food make a town. A town to remember and visit write up for a tour book.

I listen to women priests and they speak well, but it is their detachment from work that puts their sermons too much in the head.

The authority of pain is in building. There is a lauded amnesia of birth.

What choice do you have? Build a baby that is your own mind.

Build a perfect mind and you might get mine.

Your mind at thirteen and mine at thirteen full of the inspirations cherished and the realities acknowledged. It was perfect on the edge of innocence and corruption.

Take your heart out of your chest and hold it in your hand and look at it.

The greatest fun is to live in truth to the hand and the heart. You have enemies and it will be fun to figure them out. It will be fun to make them your friends.

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