It is a bit of a starting over now on the third day of,
so that I am caused to restate what Transcendia is

My friend Bill reported that his son asked what Transcendia was and could only end up calling it Russellland.

Within the body of the writings from September 8th to now, viagra buy in The Refrigerator is the text of the Passport and other various positions and days of Theologoical Consult. In at the beginning there has to be a Vision Statement, prostate like a Declaration of Independence, and a decription of the government and an application for the Passport of Transcendia, which is one thing that I have not exactly finished.

Transcendia, the company, the country and the work of art.


The Vision of Transcendia is an International Confederation of Airports with the expansionist goal of becoming a nation of airports and spaceports.

(Yesterday I drew dots on the World Map placemat I use for a mouse pad. The perfect place for an airport is by a deepwater port and major highways and rail service. An airport is unique in that it may succeed dispite its lousy geographic location if its culture is complete. Such is the sort of Spaceport possible. For instance there are towns in the world that are known simply for Universities. Once taxes or other profits are sufficient Transcendian airports will all maintain Transcendian Flight Schools.)

A pointed edit of Transcendian Letters in The Refrigerator will clarify and is being undertaken. As soon as I get the application finished for the passport, it will be possible to buy a Passport which is one thing that is about useless merely memorized or left in the computer.

So oddly enough I am charged now with creating a bureaucacy. I hope that the best bureaucrats will join Transcendia.

Russell Scott Day

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