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St. Patricks Day I see.

I’m still thinking about last weeks sermon and the reading for the day is "Jesus Wept." folks, I see when I look it up which is a good bit quicker to do than throw the I Ching. This is the best I can do so far this Sunday. Paula Poundstone has been on the TV this morning which has made me think about television, my life as a standup comic in the past, and whether or not I was a good actor.

There are some commercials I want to make. Did I ever tell you that some people are commercials, and some features? I like to make historical commercials and my Grandmothers Sears Television is still working pretty damn well.

Because I have determined that Sea Plane Technology and Operational Systems are vital for the Advancement of Transcendia, I looked up Sea Planes and got taken to Kenmore Air Seaplanes out of Seattle that flys all over the Pacific it seems, and up into the mountains of BC. I wrote them such a long letter trying to get them to advertise on that I didn’t file my column, so I hope the work wasn’t a waste.

The Seaplane operation and history of Kenmore leaps out as a terriffic setting for a Television Series. Certain settings and professions lend themselves to Drama, some quintessential matter of life which is intimately related to death, and planes go down and people die.

Other jobs lend themselves to comedy. Comedians don’t seem to really have jobs, they just suffer hotel rooms or grocery stores or stupidity. The Trades aren’t much represented. Carpentry shows are so serious and informative no wonder Tim Allen made such a fortune. Carpentry by thirteen year olds, or a teenage Junkyard Wars team would be a gas for me to watch.

Well after I cry I start to feel better whenever it comes to that.

This is my Sermon so far.

I wish you could make everyone laugh. Who is the Comic for the United Nations?

Some shows are more important than other shows. Obviously the News is more important than Baywatch. Somehow at least for me I have avoided drowning without ever watching one episode. Some shows are part of the Intellectual Imperative owed by professionals. Professionals get angry when they are prevented from doing a perfect job. Such so that they are sometimes murdered as was Daniel Pearl.

To my mind a show of international standups is an Intellectual Imperative that must quickly be Produced and put on international airwaves because we need to understand each other and I just can’t yet grasp some cultures humor.

Good cheap train service from Asheville to Wilmington would rack up the Film Business now that I am thinking of the new studio in Asheville North Carolina, Blue Ridge Motion Pictures. Maybe I can get a three picture deal if they are a real studio with money to pay writers. Pylon/Jet Beach/and King of Dreams would be the three pictures I’d want to make. Or I could do Force of Nature somewhere in there. The only one of them set in North Carolina is Force of Nature. And I keep thinking of Grover and how he and Carl argue over whether or not to buy a Spartan Executive or a DC 3 and end up selling all the trucks for both.

Last I heard now Cold Mountain was either in Europe or Vermont or maybe a very little bit in Asheville, though for some reason I doubt it. If I was a gay film director I don’t know if I would want to come to North Carolina to make a film. I seem to think that the chosen Director is gay, which really is only inferance after watching the Talented Mr. Ripley. Hollywood movies are made from Hollywood Money. The idea I have to make the movie industry in North Carolina revolves around a Golf Frisbee Golf Tournament where I would bring together Distributors Producers, Bankers, Writers and basically all the Above the Line people who so far have refused to actually live in this state.

Some University Presidents ought to get out there and thow frisbees with the young actors in their programs that will have to go to New York or LA if they want to work into their old age at what they are destined to do, but will fade to school time memories if they don’t leave when they have the energy that survives failure out of time and direction.

I had the only Writers Guild Agent in the State, or maybe I still have him, I really don’t know. I think I lost the guys number. Certainly he would be my agent if someone was trying to buy my script I imagine. But my point is that money makes movies and airplanes fly. You don’t have to rob the banks to make money in aviation and movies, you just have to have a fortune for the collaterial, a three picture deal and completion bond and somethings like that.

The brothers that owned or own Thomas Buses in High Point all had Cessna I80s and they would fly from Greensboro to the Mountains at one time of the year, and down to the beach at another. Since North Carolina has about the population of all of New York, to really produce synergistically a Soap Opera, some sort of long running ten year show that someone other than a complete unknown to me would watch, I think I’d be moving my characters around this state.

I’d also be using that video software program to achieve the motionpicture (film look).

When I worked on The Guiding Light I started thinking of Soap Operas. The talented people I know in North Carolina do not want to be famous so I sometimes think it is necessary to import them. The plane connections between New York and Wilmington, or LA and Asheville are not that great.

But my most bankable film in mind is then King of Dreams. It’s set in Toronto.King of Dreams is as autobiographical as Platoon since it is about Rochdale College which was another way to fight the VietNam War.

My understanding of Blood Meridian comes from the mercenaries I knew at Rochdale. Why they would make All the Pretty Horses, and not Blood Meridian is the same as why they would make Affliction, and not Continental Drift.(Continental Drift is about failed morality and wasted courage which is the legacy of America since the Viet Nam war. It is not all of the legacy, but the part that is destroying the heart of the nation. To make that movie would have been too much beyond therapy for Nick Nolte.)

Spacey got what he would have gotten since American Beauty captured a strain of the political conflict.

Set Storage space and the cost of transportation and assembly of Soap Opera sets is a significant expense for a Soap Opera, and it is an asset that could draw regular production to the state. This huge studio in Asheville would make it possible to leave main sets standing I’d have to get to know Andie McDowell better to write a great part for her. AnnaBeth Gish is someone who has worked here I’d like to write a part for.

All actors are extra people and I wonder if there are enough people in North Carolina to make it all worthwhile?

Russell Scott Day

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