Nancy Alex told me she heard a guy on the radio say that it was wasteful to have thousands of guys aimlessly cruising around in Ships for months.


When I go on the web looking for Seaplanes to obviate the need for Aircraft carriers, I don’t find anything acceptable.

Since there is no strategy that I know of that calls for seaplanes, it would imply that few modern designs have been developed.

For every invention, there is a place. Diminishment of the place for trains in our infrastructure, and our society and culture as a result erode the overall efficiency which impacts individual income and leads like an anchor no one seems to want to haul up.

Maybe that is not an elegant metaphor, but you can make it work.

At any rate having come from Sailors and Priests, I think Seaplanes superior to boats period.

Once I figured out that there weren’t many women out at sea, airplanes got much more attractive since still their operation demanded the same skills.

Seems like Boeing and Lockheed could use the work and I am convinced that transformational products are not necessarily new, but re-engineered when their niche reappears.

It would be a good thing if the new seaplanes ran on hydrogen stored in borax, but I don’t know if you can get the BTUs for heavy lifting of the folding portable oil rig type temporary stationary base that Transcendia would need out in some ocean areas.

Pray to God myself that I can come up with ideas that conform to the James method of thinking that allows for integrated thought. I try never to get to far from accepted truths.


Hence the I Ching and the Bible.

Recreation of the Cold War, in the guise of a War on Terrorism benefits the Corporate Cynics who feel fear and isolation from the poor they manipulate through ignorance and hypocrisy.

I’d rather say the root of evil is armed ignorance, because that is more forgivable. The root of evil is certitude and judgmental intolerance combined with self serving rationalizations.

The Sermon Brooks gave seemed bland when I first heard it, but it has set with me well. Keep moving through grief and awe and all. Mary Magdeline I think of as Lois Lane now after the sermon since she was like a journalist running around with important news that needed notice.

What is it that we are to love?

Are we to love within borders on this earth?

No matter or not whether or not we believe that God somehow changed the laws of physics and life so that Jesus could be resurrected, we know that he valued every soul, and that this is what we expect of the governments that we would volunteer for.

The Citizen is a secular name for a soul. In Transcendia, the victimless crime will not exist as justification for imprisonment or prosecution. The rule of the moral elitist is nothing but a propagandist manipulation to benefit international oil corporations.

These corporations I single out as examples of the worst, not saying that there are corporations ideologically in cultural conflict within the Capitalists.

When the Short Term Profiteers gain the upper hand over the long term Visionaries, we suffer. The Short Term Profiteers cripple the Company, rape it in the Short Term, destroying the Long Term potential. A current example is Enron.

But it is happening in the Space Program and other areas of our interwoven economies.

Weapons of Mass Destruction like the atomic bomb, as they become more acceptable, will make the short termers more vulnerable, and sorry for their philosophy along with the rest of us if they triumph now in this very very crucial time.

Low yield nuclear weapons lead down a very fatal path, is my personal opinion.

What is practical in the short term, is not always practical in the long term is the way I look at tactical nuclear weapons.

The only place I see for tactical nuclear weapons is in the destruction of Comets or Asteroids, and the steerage of them is likely the best solution.

I got to shoot my new pistol yesterday. It is a little Smith and Wesson 32 revolver, and it worked.

Love Russell

Russell Scott Day


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