Radio Program about Pedophiles in the Clergy of the Catholic Church

Listened to a Radio Program about Pedophiles in the Clergy of the Catholic Church.

I end up thinking that the Catholics ought to become Episcopalians since Episcopalians are really repaired Catholics. Or better said, purchase a repair of Catholithism which was accomplished in 1523 or 36, sickness anyway a good long time ago.

I am saying this in relation to the empiracal evidence of sexual misconduct by similar groups organized in similar ways with similar rituals and even hymns.

These anguished testimonials best heard facelessly over the radio about sex between young boys and priests expose something that must be fixed because their history has perpetuated the sexual orientation within that culture, store the culture of the Catholic Church.

How it is that someone would become a pedophile has to be recognized as the pivotal question.

 What is done, perpetuates what is done.

 From my own sexual history, remembered development through both desire, innocent curiosity and its loss turned into knowledge respect awe and a pivot point of my life and its expression, I have the belief that within the culture of the Catholic Church, because Clergy in the past have created people like themselves though these sexual practices which are terrible because of their place as secrets that scar the psyche if not the soul.

A child must be able to share their sexual stories with their peers.

 Overall there is a grind to having to keep secrets.

 Parents or adults know that they are betraying their position when they burden children with secrets. Children have enough to do with keeping their own secrets and to put them through the twisted and lonely repetitive carriage of a secret that Clergy sexual abuse seems to be, is only to be diminished if its causes are removed from the culture as apparently they were in the Episcopal culture.

So what is it that I am saying?

 I am saying that a structure has effects and that when you compare the Catholic Church with The Episcopal Church it would imply that if Catholicism wants to diminish the forces within its culture that in a physics like, cause and effect manner, clearly set the stage at the very least, for incidents of the betrayal of innocents, and innocence, the Episcopal stands on marriage of Priests are superior for the sexual culture of that denomination, over Catholicism.


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