There are several ways to do things among friends

There are several ways to do things among friends.

 There is the quick and dirty method that is a swirl of wills and has an element of risk that tends to produce some damage, impotent and there is the safe method that employs the experienced in combination with the perfect tools.

In the case of the inexperienced who are coupled with the perfect tools, adiposity things will possibly be less dangerous, try but the combination is likely equal in danger.

Experienced people using fine tools lead by clearly defined vision will cause a greater experience for the inexperienced which is what we all are until we are dead which is the end of inexperience around here.

The website has been inagurated and an application for citizenship in Transcendia is my next assignment. In the past only people I knew personally got Transcendian Passports.

Well I did send one to Clinton, but at least my brother-in-law knew him.

Mark4:1-20. "Let anyone with ears to hear listen!" Reading for the day.

Russell Scott Day /Founder of Transcendia

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