I can’t spell well

I can’t spell well.

Consider that a poem related to some meaning.

We went to see Laurie Anderson. She is tired and happiness is not a good name for her tour. I wished that Heather had been there with her to help her, but they would have needed me to direct and that is not in their concepts of themselves.

The West Side Highway is a miracle of motors that run at idle for so long without air that if they were airplanes they would blow up.

Right brain

Left brain


the borders between Mexico

Canada, and someplace I live

Betray status under the lights of a lens.

Every friend you have that is a cop

will tell you the truth

They are like garbage men

Protect yourself.

Claim the right to protect yourself

Lawyers with no badges

Suits that sort of fit.

Carry the goals for your private parts

Early in the morning

Go hunting gathering and fooling around.

Save yourself from the television.

Write your own lies.


Short story that illustrates the solution.

Once my dog, and my friends dog, got into a fight.

I picked up both dogs, and held them face to face, unable to fight.

When I saw in their eyes a shared understanding of their predicament, I threw them apart, and they fought no more after landing.

Such is the only solution, and what it means is that the United Nations must step in and throw the dogs apart, and take over governance, of the region.

No other solution offers any hope really. In America now, it is the American Civil War, and its resolution that offers hope. What that resolution points to is a replication internationally of the states relationship to the federal government in the United Nations.

What is called "radical" is often only a practical solution that is too far from past beliefs. It is the philosophy of William James and the Method of Pragmatism that our leaders domestically, and internationally need to turn to now.

Russell Scott Day

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