Trends / Dictated Directions / The Meaning of April Fools

Trends / Dictated Directions / The Meaning of April Fools

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It just ain’t right.

I hate to admit it, but if I was a robot, I would not reprogram myself.

But then again this is a simple way for me to say I love my ancestor, and am glad I was made the way I was. Whatever it is in me that they don’t like, is likely something I ought to love, unless it is crippling in the way that it prevents me from achieving my destiny.

I do not necessarily get better information than anyone else, reading the New Yorker, or New York Times. It is funny how in the city you read the Post or Daily News to see pictures of people you really know.

I listen to the radio, NPR mostly, though I don’t send them money thinking that they should hire me and just having some sort of limits.

The excitement of the attacks, and its requirements has faded in emotional level to the same as the Cold War reality that I lived with day in and day out like everyone else. The War on Terrorism becomes the simple continuation of that mental landscape, and also I was warned when I read Classic Readings in International Relations, (must reading for Transcendians)

I am trying to understand the dictates of the trends that are my life both locally and globally. Locally things are fine, wonderful in fact. I’m not depressed. I hardly care what job I am doing I like Chapel Hill so much. If I could just fly into New York on a regular basis, things would be in fact, about perfect.

Since I miss the City.

I watched Death Trip Films by J Kern with Lydia Lunch and Karen Findley from 1985 yesterday I missed the city so much. The difference between Art and Entertainment became clear again since all the slick movies we see by accident, just there, are mostly just mere entertainment that it is often just a waste of our life’s time to watch.

Wasted time is what I most often feel the most shame and quilt over. I must have gotten depressed in Greensboro because so much of my time even well spent seemed wasted.

I’d need to be in New York to create The United Nations Channel, and bring that into the positive trend of the mental landscape that is C-Span. A couple of days ago I watched a panel of speakers hosted by Equity International with representatives of Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Knightsbridge International, The US Agency for International Development, and The Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

If I got every Transcendian to buy arms and declare they were our army I ought to get millions from Ross Wherry of the Agency for International Development. The sad thing is that is the way it works. -That is one very certain long-term trend that only emotion moving vision will triumph over. It would be a triumph then if the US Agency for International Development would give Transcendia just a little bit of aid. Seems like 50 million dollars would be equitable in light of what nations are getting these days.

Funny for me to remember that it costs often more than 50 million dollars to make a good movie.

Well with 50 million dollars I’d spend a quarter on securing airfields and seaplane facilities, a quarter on flight schools, and that would leave half for other required bits of civilization. I’d rather have no standing army, but just arm everyone with what they need in a dangerous world. I can see a highly developed non lethal program.

I’m trying to get some other writers for, besides myself. In an ideal world print magazine editors would dip into and buy articles as they need. I’ve suggested it to several editors, without success so far, but the realities of reading and publishing require continued real magazines and books for the simple way they operate in the world want desperately some Pilot writers, and some sociologist submariner astronaut poets, a filmmaker or two, and fiction.

A satellite linked computer book would have the advantage of language translation programs as well as pictograph for the illiterate. Soon I’ll get the price on the most perfect Xerox instant publishing machines that I plan to place in all the airport newsstands.

April Fools is the first Transcendian Holiday, and if nothing else you do as a Transcendian say the April Fools Day Poem out loud. The history of that holiday is one of love and sex and passion.

I made a real fool of myself by being way too idealistic. I ended up crying a good deal. It made me stronger I sometimes think, saying that having your heart broken and living through it is somehow necessary for becoming a man. Certainly how one handles heartbreak is one measure of how much one is a gentleman or a lady.

Other times I don’t think the experiences made me stronger at all, only a bit wiser.

Celebrate April Fools with some party of forgiveness for yourself.

Imagine tribes of Right Brain and Left Brains segregated on Mars Until Alien Treats have a Computer bring them together to defeat the common threat.

Russell Scott Day

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