The 1st of April

The 1st of April/2002

I think I was showing affinity for Australia when I declared April Fools the first Transcendian Holiday. It is a holiday for heartbreak, that part of life that feels like a joke, a joke you have cried about.

 Australia has a Holiday for a defeat, Gallipoli.

 It is what makes them like Southerners from the Confederacy.


Well the point is that we’ve all got to be losers every now and then.

All day long I listened to the radio about world events which are Israel and the War on Terror.

We cut a shower and a bathtub out of a modular home because the owners want new bathing facilities.

All over the world people want better bathing facilities.

I hope they get them.

My heart was somewhere else.

I was surprised that I wanted to be home.

I had been home enough I thought.

I’m home now.

"Value your life."


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