I’ve got this movie idea

I’ve got this movie idea. I may as well tell you about it as anything else because if nothing else it is about the ingredients of a good movie.

Part of it though has nothing to do with anything but my need for a workable site specific script, something that works where I am. The Director who told me that all great movies, or what you would identify as even distinct about American Movies, is that they are "A Quest". Pennabaker, the documentarian even says that musicians are basically available. This is something I first noticed when I was running the College Channel.

Chapel Hill has a pretty interesting music scene, so a film using bands and band personalities of the area works in a site specific sort of way.

The band, "Quest" for "Fame", or "Rise" and "Fall" sorts of stories have been and will be done, but I’m thinking of a film where the Quest is undertaken on the part of some thirteen year old kid, to become a Booking Agent Manager Producer.

I’m thinking that I’d need to run film tests to find the right kid, since some people are alot more watchable than others.

Earl Carter, a man who I owe much, told me that the rules were that you took your character and put them in progressively more difficult and dangerous positions that they had to get out of.

Youth is an inherent difficulty for everyone. Age has its difficulties as well, but they are unique each to the other.

At any rate in that scenario, the difficulty to overcome in the story of the individual quest is instantly obvious, and facilitates participation by a good number of bands.

It is a nice little idea in my opinion. It just needs a script, which is why I hardly care whether or not I write about it here.

I thought about it when we went to the dump today. The Orange County Chapel Hill Dump is one of the nicest Dumps I have ever been too. The DumpMasters wear orange.

They are not particularly high in the personality department, but they keep a nice dump. I’d like to go out there at night and light the methane vent pipes and take a picture.

Soon Nancy Alex and I will have the price that Xerox charges for one of their instant publishing machines. Transcendians are encouraged to print out onto paper the Transcendian writings. There are strange order forms in there that will likely not be used unless they lay around on paper.

I’d like to have the contract to print those things that finally had to be printed on some medium for use in outerspace when nothing else might be working. I suspect that certain information about the spacecraft ought to be on something better than paper made from wood, but I could be wrong.

What on the Moon or Mars would you make anything like paper from? I suppose mankind ought to at least leave operating instructions for aliens in case they can’t figure out how to turn on our computers when we are extinct.

The life of paper seems so fragile to me, I’ve lost three libraries in my life. My wife has many of the books I missed. She had one of her libraries blown out to sea from SouthPort, and said the insurance company gave her less to replace them because she admitted she had read them.

For her this gave them value, but to the insurance company it took it away. Ironic isn’t it?

The guys I’ve been working with have let me just listen to NPR all day for the past couple of days. From the information I’m getting there, I’d about say I’m more and more correct about the role the United Nations ought to play in the Middle East.

This is of course if there is no surfeit of corruption in a powerful United Nations. Certainly even in the manner I envision Transcendia, I cannot see how one nation can claim that region. Like every other nation, I suppose my people would want a part of it, but what else is there to do?

When? At what other time? Has it less been needed, that That The United Nations Peacekeeping Force be a Force?

For the United States there has come a time to even desire a greater power than itself.

I wish I understood the United Nations better actually.

I found the website somehow impenetrable.

I wonder how corrupt the United Nations is as it is right now?

Russell Scott Day

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