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Dear Beni, Thank you for sending on your essay. I have learned some details from it and trust your facts.

Though there are now hundreds of my filings daily or near daily on The, I would very much appreciate it if you were to make some review.

Transcendia, and transcendian theory, the art of transcendia, the book of Russell are serious and mature works now. You are the most promient journalist I know, and are in a unique postition to help me, though God knows I have a true perception of fame, and have even said to Nancy Alex, my partner bride, our Union a gift to the world that I’m glad we aren’t that famous yet.

You know that if I am to pick I would rather be important than famous, and believe strongly in Ayn Rand’s view that the man is only worthy when his fame comes from the integrity of his work.

Certainly it offends me that I must have an army to be a nation or be allowed to speak. I believe that Transcendia if known to United Nations soldiers, there would be some good number that would want to join. There is idealism and practicality in the construction of Transcendia.

My mind has drifted now to reading William James and the Pragmatism Method. James came to the barometer that is my mind, out of the blue because I had read his story of George Fox maybe. I think one of those things that comes from going to church and living as well in the world now populated by ancestral thinkers, writers, scribes.

Though Grant is always my resonate hero, this thinker William James is a fine display of balanced living. Certainly for me now as I have studied the known life of the soul, and politics, and art to try and achieve a practical and idealistic solution to the overriding threat to the world our children will live with us in, and inherit.

James saying that his is not so much a "Philosophy" as a Method for thinking, is like the Iron structure of the Flaiton Building. Strength and Flexiblity in truth are superior Theologies, for all Philosophy knocks at the door of Theology.

He knows the place of Theology as well. I can compare John Loftins book, The Big Picture to Varieties of Religious Experience and am glad to be able to combine their meaning in my mind. It is guidance I can get some from James, though I have talked to Loftin on the phone. (We invited Loftin, who coincidentally lives in Hillsbourgh to our wedding which was at St.Matthews Episcopal Church there, which is about 20 miles from Chapel Hill. We wanted him to come because it is the First Time I know Of that the Reading from the I Ching has been included in the official Episcopal Service. Record of the service and accepted placement was determined by the priests and Bishop, so we wanted him there since he wrote such a fine history of religions.)

It is Loftins history of Islam that provides the Transcendian, who is in conflict Theologically with the Koran, the produced culture of the Koran, an arguement that is like the battering ram that is aimed at the top of the wall, to shake it and eventually knock it over.

Now I move from the position that some thoughts, beliefs are better than others. This is why I would be for legalization of and regulation of drugs in Transcendia. The relationships between Drugs Terrorism, and worldwide injustice, hurts more people than it protects. It becomes more unethical to take the freedoms of people who use sell or grow drugs, than moral. The practical results are certifiably the source of great damage to the shared civilization, culture and society.

The facts of the story of Muhammad in his role as the writer of the Koran are that he threw out, revised his work, saying that he had realized that that particular passage was inspired by the Devil, Satan. Who is it, what writer at the very least will not be forced to agree that it is not possible that Muhammad might have added or revised further, commented or clarified what he had already written if he had lived longer?It is interesting to me that Jesus was not a writer.

One may go so far as to imply that Muhammad might have completely disavowed the entire book if he had lived longer, though in every book there is some truth that is to be used to the good if only the good is to recognize the enemy. Certainly in this time of Lent, I have an understanding of the internal Jhad, that one I suffer over cigarettes daily, one that would benefit from a long walk somewhere. We do not ask believers to stop the great struggles we share, only to join us in strong flexiblity.

There will come a time when there is a Service of Readings. I am sure that the Sermons simply there in a book, The I Ching, in the perfection of Changes and constants there in counterpoint and comment to even the Koran will used show ways to live that even if they do not completely wipe out what we know as the evidence of evil, the murder of innocents, civilians, a nationally sanctioned equivalent to gang war that every slum dweller lives with day in and day out so much so that international news is meaningless to them.

The Book of Russell is to bring the finished books together, those books with eternal life. So far I have found that the Bible and I Ching delight me and give me peace from which to operate. I am open to the idea of seeing what a combination of readings from both the I Ching and Koran and Bible all together in season would give both myself and any shared congragation in the way of wisdom.

James perfectly describes how it is that old truths and new truths may become integrated. If I test Transcendian theory against his description of how we hold onto as much of our prior, inherited near genetic "truths" as possible when faced with learned experienced truth that is contradictory to the prior truth, I know I could not write one single book of Theological perfection, one that would provide all the wisdom that God offers. My success is to have discovered a Method of using these books that come from a respect for the written word that has nothing to do with modern publishing motives.

There is a part of the history of Muhammad that has no place in my vision of Transcendia. Robbery of strangers, unbelievers or not, is not within Transcendian righteousness. As I have said in the past, I am aware that in the past persons with my goals, revolutionary, evolutionary change, robbed banks to finance their cause. Muhammed robbed caravans on the Silk Road.

It is fundamental that the invention of the airplane, this ship that esentially has no road to the point that the air is its road, is the barometer of our shared interests and hopes.

Business is a two edged sword. It is of two contradictory truths requiring a choice.

The obvious benefits to the world if the nation of Transcendia, a confederated network of culturally neutral airports, hence embracing all of the best of the Port Culture of Tolerance and mutually profitable trade, are illustrated in the importance of Import and Exports to all nations for the securtiy of their citizens.

Think simply of Women of Executive power who otherwise would not personally chose to do business in Islamic Countries where they are by sex supposed to cover themselves and submit to what anyone ought to perceive as unjust unequal status.

The network of Transcendian airports would do much to facilatate vital economic interactions between nations and cultures.

It is the national purpose of Transcendia that distinquishes it from the random nature of airports that exists today, and is its reason for realization as a specific national enitiy. It must take up where the United Nations has left off.

This cacophony of crisis has only one way of resolution, and that is dependent on a balance of power that diminishes the conflicts among mankind to the struggle to live within the imposed budget that is not determined at all by humanity, but by where we find ourselves, on a little planet that is rapidly becoming too small for our natures.

It is now the time for the United Nations, or an enitity of equivalent power to intervene in the overall conflicts of Nations. World Peace is to amphorious a concept apparently to have success, or by now we would be seeing television out to the United Nations as readily as we see C Span.

We know now that in the face of the most terrible prospect, The Cold War was a victory. The Bi Polar Power Balance bought humanity time. Now the time is for that balance to be recreated in a manner that was obvious at the end of the First World War.

Aviation, and the place that aviation plays now as it has matured beyond what it was at the end of World War I, is no insignificant development.

Now it is that travel by plane, which is vital to the interactions mysterious but no less vital to our overall internationaly shared interests is contracted when the reverse is dramatically called for. The war that Terrorists have conducted on civilians has targeted our contemporary equivalent of the Silk Road that Muhammed and his followers sought to dominate.

We cannot afford to allow this contraction of airliner network safety and civility to further and further degenerate for this is the practical method inwhich humanity has hope of survival. And it is not even survival period that is enough.

There are two thing then now that I see and feel as vital to this time when the World is in real Crisis, not even particular, but diffuse as internationally measured by the health of international airports. One that this international confederation of airports I call Transcendia become a reality, by simply gaining the alliegance of the rank and file of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force, and two that a Television Channel covering the United Nations be created and become commonly available internationally.

That is for today.

Russell Scott Day

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