Today I am very discouraged about Transcendia

The reading from the Bible encourages me to buck up and be bold.

I was blessed with a vision.

 It is the same for me as for Peter and John, who were uneducated, common men.

Nancy Alex called me an "Auto Didactic", and I had to ask her what she really meant, though it didn’t sound like an insult.

I just wanted to make sure.

I started out to simply write to Beni Avini and ask him if he could get me in touch with Steven Emerson who I watched on C-span this afternoon. I found it interesting that Mr. Emerson was calling for a Reformation of Islam similar to the Protestant Reformation. It is like calling for Martin Luther to appear in some other religion, and though needed for world peace on the theological front, as he said, hard to cause from the outside.

The best ammunition I have come across is the fact that Mohammed edited the Koran, saying some passages were inspired by the devil.

As much as I liked Mr. Emerson’s take on reality, I do not think he has the theological ammunition that I have somehow come across.

Of course things aren’t going much my way either as far as I can tell.

John Loftin, who gave me ammunition in his history book, won’t answer my calls or invitations.

Mr. Emerson calls for the support of moderate Muslims, and describes them as willing to disavow writings of the Koran that extremist dedicate themselves to.

Intellectual ammunition for that call is in my discovery that editing has already occurred for the Koran by its writer. Mr. Emerson also missed the fact that Jesus created the New Testament with his speech called The Sermon on the Mount.

Could be, he merely, missed the opportunity, to say so on the television, at the time.

The long and short of my letter being that I wanted Mr. Emerson to be aware of my point, that I’ve written about more than once.

I have thrown the I Ching now to the question, " What does God though the I Ching have to say to religious leaders of all faiths now?"

6 Conflict changing into 23 Splitting Apart are the answer.

I here condense bits from my reading as I read now.

 – "Conflict develops when one feels himself to be in the right and runs into opposition.

-Conflict within weakens the power to conquer danger without. To carry on the conflict to the bitter end has evil effects even when one is in the right. In such a case one must turn to the Great Just and Impartial man for a resolution. Duties and rights are to be explained and coordinated from the beginning to remove the compulsions of conflict. In a struggle with a superior strength, retreat is no disgrace. To submit and change because right is no longer clearly on your side is a recognition of eternal law and brings good fortune. Turn over to the just and uncorrupted arbiter the power to decide the right things to be done quickly if one is in either in the right or the wrong. It is better to be right or moving in the right direction even if one has been wrong. Total loss is no better than total victory if they divide humanity. It is to the leaders that the responsible acts first fall if they are to increase their families.

Beware twice of the cunning, the deceivers and the pandering to secrets and lies that are the hallmark of cunning. All that the superior can do now is hold onto what is right, to keep the roof from falling in. Avoid acting when you know that neither thing you do will make anything better. The rulers of the world in all their positions of leadership are to simply bow to the will of their people and abandon their individual agendas.

The wisdom of the God is to be used for all. The stronger man loses as much as the weaker man when both carry the conflict to its bitter end, regardless of who is right. If both parties will turn to a Judge, Arbiter, who loves both impartially the three will all together come to a solution, resolution, that will advance all.

The resolution may simply be that conflicting parties pledge to not bother each other.


My logical  thinking  says that the United Nations must in a strong way affect separation of Israelis and Palestinians is characterized in the reading from the I Ching as a turn to a fair arbiter, before the conflict carried to the bitter end, creates a lose lose situation for all, instead of the win win resolution that is what a end to a war ought to be, and has been for the United States from the Revolution to the resolution of the Civil War.

Russell Scott Day

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