According to the McClures Magazine of 1903, sale "The day is not distant when all homes will be equipped with electric elevators."

Apparently the writer believed that all homes would be 3 or more stories tall.

The Otis Elevator company is the Elevator Company that is preimer in the US, herbal if not the world.

I do not think from my study that Otis is much concerned with home elevator installations.

Still if you want a perfect elevator, ambulance it would appear that Otis is the company to buy one from.

It has been long in Manhattan that any building over 5 stories tall was required to have an elevator.

Hence it is that many many buildings in Manhattan are 5, instead of 6 stories tall.

The ideal elevator in a home of 4 to 5 stories would be rated for a weight load of at least 15 hundred pounds, in my opinion.

I say so from working at renovating a 4 story home that had an elevator.

I am certain that this elevator was overloaded with busted up sheetrock and what not during the renovation.

It began to misstep by sometimes 2 inches on leveling to the floor stop.

Extremely few people are killed in elevator crashes due to speed brakes and wire rope strengths for counterbalanced elevator systems.

Most deaths from elevator incidents involve maintainence workers.   They either fall to their deaths or get ground up and mangled in the machinery.   Some are only greivously injured.

Passengers in elevators are typically spared injury or death, and are supposed to sit quietly in the elevator if it stops in between floors due to electrical outages.   The passengers are to wait for rescue.

Starting in 1885 telephones were put in elevators so you could call somebody if it got stuck somewhere.

There are international standards for elevators.

Inclinator elevators may well be the company for an elevator for your house, though Otis is pretty much able to build it and maintain it forever, from what I can tell so far.

Of things made to get you around, elevators going back years and years have consistently been made to some of the highest standards of excellence ever achieved by engineers, and been fitted to structures of great antiquity, or enabled structures that without them, had no point.

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