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Ironic failure of Communism and Capitalism./
How to combine what was, and could be successful from the ashes of both?/
My suggestions are Whole Life Insurance awarded at birth, or at time of citizenship./
What this is intended to do is to give parity to labor, in conflict with capital./
It is also intended to confirm for the citizen that their lives are valued, and thus make volunteer citizenship desirable./
My other suggestion is World Bank Study and report on what the International Minimum Wage ought to be, and how to implement it across borders./
This work does call for coordination between the UN, IMF, and World Bank./
A place to start and experiment with the International Minimum Wage, is between the US, and EU, though I am really wanting to get Chinese Technocratic support for the experiment./
As said my work is to figure out what to take from Communism, and Capitalism, and combine for best possible world./
Obama Administration revival of work to eliminate Weapons of Mass Destruction, actually surprised me./
This was a goal of the Carter Administration. It was part of the Carter Inaugural Address./
What’s next Peace in the Middle East?/
As far as the Middle East is concerned, the ongoing forever conflict between Israel and all its neighbors, I suggest use of the Transcendian Proactive Civil Demonstration, and my Message Rocket Program./
(In that practice powerful nations launch harmless paper rockets at each other with notes and poems in or on them.) In the past I had great success littering Manhattan and Brooklyn with such rockets./
In the past I wrote to Estes Rocket Company asking for their support, but they didn’t answer./
Though you may think this is simply a funny thing to do, it is a serious suggestion from me and Transcendia, for a little whimsy can go a long way./
Certainly as a test for the Program, you have to answer what harm could come from such activities?/
Yielding to interests shared by young men in projectiles, and things that explode, and channeling that into harmless competitive fun, has been successful for Transcendia, in the past./
Typically I have found, even police like to participate in launching model rockets./
Truly I am a very serious melancholic man, and therefore work at improving my own humor, so as to share the most positive left in my depressed heart./
In the past I had success with the Message Rocket Program, and hope to have more success in the future./
Hope someone will Donate through the Donate Button, as an experiment.
The honorable Webmaster Heath told me that the thing works./
Improvements to the website would occur if there was some cash flow for the place./
Transcendia would hire some rocket scientists., and otherwise push for control of at least one airport, where experiments in Poly Science, would be normal, and Women’s Rights would be a baseline.

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