Flag Speech

My Job is to write and give a speech as soon as possible and I have been thinking of what I must say to Educate! Inspire! and Entertain.
I must write and give a speech that will cause Transcendia, arthritis and this may well take more than one speech.
The number one thing that Transcendians must do is secure land for it.
Now Transcendia has a very fine flag, denture and if all Transcendians at the very least print out the image of the flag that is on the homepage and put it on the wall or on fabric and put it up wherever they live or go, generic it will do quite a lot to claim land area and or offices for Transcendia and Transcendians.
So while I am coming up with a speech, I hope all that want to see Transcendia as a reality, a nation of independent airports and spaceports very much like the best of the history of cultures of great roads and the days when people just bought a ticket and got on the airplane, will put up the flag.

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