You Want a Theocracy, I’ll give you one.

The Book of Transcendia

by, Russell Scott Day

         Since I saw God I do write with some information about eternal life which is really being dead and being alive like alternating current.   It is also comparable to real motion picture projection that depends on the persistence of vision.

       So the truth is that you are alive and dead all the time once you are, and there is the truth that it is mysterious no matter how much you know about it.

       We all end up living with dreams, and are aware in dreams that a vision is the real thing.

       At anyrate the police in Iraq are in a unique position from what I feel about the world and its prospects for continuance.

       Far as I know Mohammed robbed merchants on the Silk Road.

       I know a Mexican that has illegally crossed the border three times and works for a friend of mine.

       He beat a guy and took his money the last time he crossed the border.

       He was out of money and needed some.

       He told me that the guy ought not have gotten drunk and attempted to walk home.

       For a Mexican he is a pretty good size.

       I myself can’t figure out why it is not generally asked why Mexicans are not protected by their government.

       How it is working out is that things are better in the US where there is a death penality that is certain to have mistakenly put to death innocents, and in Mexico it is illegal to kill the captured regardless of their guilt.

      Cormac McArthy did capture the reality of the corruption in his oevre in the All the Pretty Horses book.

      The respect for the Police internationally is lower than it ought to be.

      The goal of Police is to keep the peace and since I smoke pot I am not allowed to be a policeman or a pilot, though I have been a policeman and a pilot, and was a fairly good policeman, and a responsible pilot who still could start a plane up and get it around.

      One time I did use my power to get another guy out of my girlfriends apartment.

       I had all the papers signed according to the laws of Rochdale.

       Still I did get back-up with baseball bats.

       I allowed him to get his fold up bicycle.

       International police really ought to protect the rights of women according to the UN concepts of what Human Rights are.

      As far as the reality that Sam Harris who wrote The End Of Faith says about the need for a World Government, the World Government must come to some Force named Police, that is agreed as welcome in every airport.


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