test filing/1/4/05 Plans & Reflections

My friends and I have been asking where to build an airport spaceport connected to space elevators that are currently being enabled by nano technology.

In the area best for the work, which must be on the Equator it would seem that New Zealand is the nation to ask for help from, since they are in the area, but actually are not perfect geographically.

The thing philosophically is to move on with plans that confirm hope, and building spaceports is the most hopeful thing to do.

Spaceports will be required to build Space Elevators since to build a Space Elevator you have to build it from the top down.

My friends say that New Zealand is forward looking, and stable as a government in the region, and I would encourage them regardless to work towards a space program and the building of their own Space Station, as well as build Space Elevators under their control in the region.

Meantime back on Earth, crisis after crisis either manufactured or what they call Force Majeure in a contract, (which means an Act of God)are piling up in such a way and amount to demand that Spaceports and colonization of the Solar System be gotten on with regardless of what anyone with a purse thinks about it.

This is why I want all true Transcendians to launch rockets as a demonstration of their support and understanding of the imperatives, which are so serious that we must make light of them and have fun with them, in the face of death, which is insured for individuals, but not for us as a species, if we use the tools we have created in opposition to the individual reality.

I encourage all Transcendians to buy and build little Message Rockets and Launch them at both their friends, and their enemies.

My daughter actually sent me a rocket this Christmas and I who have built and launched about 20 rockets and made about 75 flights, want other Transcendians to surpass my launches with good messages on their rockets in more nations than I will have a chance to get to before I die.

Still on Earth, I will let all of my fellows Transcendians know when I have completed the assembly of my next Message Rocket, and what message I have put on it, and when I will launch it.

Hopefully some of you will be ready to launch and will launch at the same time, therefore becoming full fledged Transcendians.

Oh my friends, we are not going but so far, so fast, and I myself have so far been very inspired by being here, and know that I will miss having a body.

I figure some of the best I can do is do what is necessary for others to have bodies to live in for awhile around this part of the universe.

I apologize that I have failed to give more speeches in promient locations, like at the UN.

I wrote a speech the other day when I was concerned about the hunger of the staff on the Spacestation. I am very glad that they were sent some food.

I was worried that they might eat one another.

Food is the number one ingredient for Peace, and I feel that it is possible to feed everyone if we limit how many people there are in relation to the food and energy possible in the time available.

We don’t need a Road Map for Peace, we need a Menu. Very few of us are going anywhere really.

The Space Elevators hung around the Planet would seem to have the potential of providing energy from the Sun that would not burn holes in the Ozone layer as Microwave energy transmission did.

This would represent a great deal of clean energy that would allow the maximum settlement of the Earth, and if done in a timely manner get mankind over the hump from small time species to big time species.

We will need to make some very good robots who will mine the Moon and local planets.

Love, Russell

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