Can you hide behind God so that the Devil will not find you?

Can you hide behind God so that the Devil will not find you?
It is Friday and I have a weekend off wherein I will not be formally working.
I might be hiding from the Devil, or they might find me.

I pray for a weekend.
My poems are depressing unless I smile and act crazy when I perform them.

Revolution has come to the point you can buy a spaceship out of the Aero Trader. It is a BOR-5 USSR SPACE Shuttle Prototype next to a Rans 5-6 ES above a Kitfox Classic IV. Granted it is on the Experimental page of the airplane and airport classified catalog, but it is next to a high wing piston aircraft illustrating the reality of what I am saying about the facts of the revolution which has crept up on us because we are creeping up on ourselves.

It is frightening to be a right about what is wrong. Confusion can be comforting. If your idea of a fine weekend is to take women out to the Soccer Field and shoot them for nothing but acts of freedom in a secular world where rights are not abrogated by myths, even beautiful myths, you will make me glad people that hate me, along with you, have weapons they might use on me.

Far as I know there is not one Episcopal Church in China. They are going to start another Episcopal Church in Chapel Hill. When I can hire a theologian I’ll pay them from the taxes to provide online a reading from the bible for the day and the reading from the Ching. If you buy a Tee Shirt with the Transcendian Flag on it, some of the money will go towards that.


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