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The speech is not written. I am tense about it. I’ve been studying Asteroids. I’ve asked for help in determining a budget for a workable Planet Defense system. Ball park is reported to be 100 Billion.
My plan calls for parking appropriate missiles in orbit that can be repositioned and fired first as experiments to see what they can do to deflect whatever Asteroids found.
I recommend parking missiles in orbit so as to create a flexible Asteroid Protection Force.
I want Transcendians to help fund Asteroid Detection Systems that currently exist.
The Catalina Sky Survey at the University of Arizona detected and predicted where a small Asteroid would hit the Planet successfully last week.
As soon as I can I will find out what it costs for them to keep working at that sort of thing.
I approve of it.
Wednesday at 6:30 PM at the Southern Rail in Carrboro North Carolina, I am committed to giving my Annual April Fools Day Speech.
Last years went all right. We had a successful message rocket launch, at the end of my speech.
I do not like to give long speeches.
This year I do intend to ask for money.
I do intend to have some passports for sale, and also hope my speech this year will be filmed and put up on You Tube, or somewhere else.
Should you happen to be in Carrboro North Carolina on April Fools 2009, I hope you will come to the Beer Garden of Southern Rail, and watch my speech.
Last year we did have a successful rocket launch at the end of the speech, which was fun.

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