Working Class Corner/Planet Defense

Working Class Corner/Planet Defense

    Machhiavelli said,  "Chance is like a woman, and sometimes must be taken by force."   – At least that is what I remember him saying.   I understood it.   Sometimes you just got to grab her and kiss her.

    Overall what he was talking about  was how it is a good idea to work at overcoming chance.

    I think he went on to say that since Chance may turn out either for the good, or the bad, it is a good idea to work to influence it .

     Machhiavelli also went on to say that a conflict with nature is not enough to create a nation.

     In my work of attempting to seriously influence world events without conducting a war, I have had to recognize it is not recognized by the great political scientist  as likely.

     Every now and then I declare a war as a nod to political reality.

     A few years ago I declared war on something, somebody, about something, but nobody noticed, and I have forgotten what war I declared.

     This last April Fools I declared war on Asteroids, Comets, and have moved towards including in the conflict, Space Junk.

      The successes in locating tracking and even landing something on an Asteroid by NASA, and Seti, and the Catalina Sky Survey have been nothing less than awesome.

      I’d like to follow some of the Obama strategy for getting money from  a website to support my war on threatening rocks.

      My plan is  to discover how much is spent by Seti and the Catalina Sky Survey, and get money for that as a foundational technology vital to the war on big rocks that threaten us.

      Then my plan is to in coordination with the tracking and locating system, develop a system for defence of the Planet from these threats.

      So far it appears that there is nothing much on the shelf  that will work as a practical defense for the planet.   My friends and advisors who know more than I about some of the hard science say ball park it would take about 100 billion to make a custom system.

      That seems like an awful lot of money to me, though I think the US DOD budget is something like 400 billion a year.   (These are off the top of my head figures.)   Corrections are appreciated.

      The systems most often endorsed so far according to my friends and advisors utilize robots and Ion Rockets.

       I have over the years come to value my life on Earth, and really not be all that much interested in living in outerspace.   I used to want to live in outerspace, but I don’t want to anymore.   I hardly like driving to the store anymore.

       Defending the planet is a good job for robots.

       So then,  I hope my readers and supporters willl work on Robotic Planet Defense Systems either as scientists and designers, or as contributors to the cause.

        All Righty then!    I’ve declared war, and asked for support.

        That was my job for today.                    Russell

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