Working Class Corner/Remembering College

Working Class Corner/Remembering College

     byline/Russell Scott Day

For me graduation was staying alive and free, as an important part of my College Experience.   I graduated from High School and went directly to Toronto.   Lionel Douglas, the President of Rochdale College, who hired me at 19 in Canada, accused me of "forethought".

Life happens fast when you are young, and I miss my youth since it is over and I don’t really want adventures anymore.

I was alway up for travel in my youth, and actually up intil about 1999.

How I ended up in Rochdale comes from other trips.

I think I groused about  High School  in Greensboro, NC, threated to drop out and got to go to school in Chicago with my cousins.

1969 and 70′ were politically charged times in Chicago then, and Hyde Park in particular was roiling.   There were a lot of speeches at the Shopping Center, and we went to Demonstrations for the Chicago Seven, and Fred Hampton, the great Black Panther was murdered in his bed.

War and Poverty, Civil Rights and sex and love, and hopes and dreams…

That War made a big difference to me.

The War determined what choices I made, and I left my country.

Now if my number had not come up 346, and I could return, there is some doubt in my mind as to whether or not I’d still be around.

I’m hesitant now to give you all the details, but I was on Security for Rochdale College, and well, there was some corruption occurring, and I objected, told some secrets, and was threatened with a flight with out wings from a high place.

It is one thing to learn in College that girls like to have fun, and it is another to learn that you can quick make enemies who go further than saying bad things about you.

Real enemies will kill you.

You’ve got what I call "Luxury Enemies", and "Real Enemies".   – This is what I learned in college.

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