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Free Speech & Responsiblity

       I believe in completely unfettered free speech as a goal but know that it is dangerous and that it is like books that children are ready to read, and not all like pictures they can find or are pushed on them that is inappropriate for their passages through innocence to what amounts to adulthood.

      One of the reasons I have not moved to or stayed in Canada is that they do not really believe in the sort of raucous Free Speech that is generally practiced in the United States, and is actually a great source of income as an export.

       When you make the world safe for children you have to make it safe and fair for adults, for otherwise children are orphaned by enforcers.

      There really does need to be a divide between the innocent and the passionate.

       The experience of passion is an experience that wipes out innocence.

       It has stages that are marked by interests that parents ought to notice.

       The child becomes a unique person, then they have and interest reflected in the toys and tools they attempt to look at or collect, and then they become interested in people who do things with the things they are interested in and then they declare their interests and then they pursue them as things and people and act a bit like cats and a bit like dogs.

       I do not like much of the idiocy of the Catholic Church in its attempts to turn people into machines and not recognize the actual life of humans which is a physical life, but I do appreciate the order of how to read the bible that they came up with from reading it a lot.

       The attempts to conform on the part of Catholic Priests have obviously failed and it makes it sad that the Anglican Church, C of E, or Episcopal Church was healed by a King’s murder.

      A Catholic Mass and an Episcopal High Church Mass are very very similar and can take you to the same sort of state of mind about the whole thing, and are very successful services, or rituals, if that is what you want to call the experience.

       Is it sensible to expect adults to not experience, or want to experience passion?

       The adult and parent experiences passion and is a hero when they handle the experience gracefully.   These sorts of people are the common heroes and are what civilization depends on for sustenance, character leadership.

       It is a comfort to children that they know that adults and their parents were once innocent children.

       My experience was that I went to bookstores with the money I made from my paper route to buy books.   The books I bought were the ones in front of my face and then I got taller.   Replication of this on the internet is sensible as far as overall society and the preservation of innocence within us all as a community is desirable.

       The answer to the problems of the internet as far as access goes is a children’s internet, and an adult internet.

       All pure knowledge ought to available to all, but sites that are not innocent, and reflect passions that are of an adult nature ought not be available to children, who may well be competent to access them.

       It is the experience of passion, that does separate the innocent from the adult.

     It would be a good thing if parents did tell children that they would experience passion and that what they did when in its throes would be the mark and measure of their character, which they would owe to themselves and their parents or ancestors.

       The world is in terrible trouble.   It is overrun and is not defended as well as it is known it ought to be.   Impractical nutcases are in charge spending the inheritance of innocents on dreams.

        I’d like my 12 year old self in charge of the world and push space elevators at this time over missions to the Moon or Mars since I am no longer innocent of much of anything and know that an Asteroid Strike would be like Fire.

                                                                         Love. Russell




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