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Working Class Corner/Ruminations on wages, and infrastructure

       Continuance of Platform constructs.

In Disasters and evacuations, it would  be possible to calculate the number of people who need to evacuate, and determine who ought to be put on a plane, train, bus boat or in a private car.

       Every citizen of Transcendia would view their airplane or airplanes in general as their evacuation vehicle because Transcendia is constructed as a confederation of islands really.

       An airport is equivalent to an island in the traditional sense of really having only one way in, and one way out of any real security.

       The only way in and out of an island is by boat same as for Transcendia in its stricktess sense.

       The isolated airport citystates with riciprocal citizen rights that are round at their defensive positions and on a grid up to the last round perimeter road and fence line must be prepared independently to fly to another airport.

       Defense and offense are continual in the world as it has been, is, and will be.

       The great nation is the nation that is owned mind body and soul by its citizens.

        The best definition of love I have heard is that it is a concern for others physical and spiritual well being.

        Having fun, and being happy are part and parcel though different.

        For some people shooting deer in the woods is fun and makes them happy.   For some drinking beer and smoking pot and playing frisbee is fun and helps them to be happy.

       Some people like to smoke pot, drink beer, and shoot deer, which is irresponsible if they shoot at anything more than a few feet away at some point.

       Now I have been a janitor and quartermaster enough to know the value of working and my objection to wage disparity and my understanding finally that no state, or federal US minimum wage is of any longterm benefit if an international minimum wage was determined and all workers were paid for their job enough that they could have a place to live and healthcare and happiness pursuits of their choice or destiny, whichever you want to call that sort of thing.

        It may well be that all the Cities in the World should publish the income needed for people to live in that city without an incentive to steal or otherwise unethically get the money to live safely.

      It is really too bad that I don’t speak Dutch since I do suspect that they have figured out some of these things since their whole nation is below sea level which makes them relevant.

      Hendrick says that it is unsustainable.

      I remember that my hero James Boy, said "We are not here to figure out how not to do it!"

       Now it is true that taxes are an effective means of getting money.

       It is also true that taxation without representation is unethical and the reason that democracy has more firm foundation than other governmental theories.

      Real democracy these days is hard to find because of the similarity between Corporations that sell TV, and those that sell Oil.

     Corporations have lost most all national allegance, corrupted and divided the United Nations, and are eating up the competitive labor forces of idiot boundaries and breeding diseases and disasters that will leave them the win of being the last to watch their children die.

      For the working people it is a hurricane and tsunami of laws and no laws,  poverty and murder.

       In many parts of the world of Africa the truth is is that the Oil Companies are the Government.

       Say it was that I had control as the Founder, Mayor, or Town Fool, I would put Solar Power first, in all its forms, get the dump to run dump trucks on the Methane from the Dump, put bike lanes further out and design street and bike clothes that were not so weird that you could not go to work in them in a picture, and make sure that the schools taught children to read with Phonics and all had libraries connected by computer to the best libraries in the World and get all class rooms magazine subscriptions for their subjects to augment the out of date as published textbooks, and institute second language instruction in Elementary Schools and institute a Sister City alliance network that was based on Mayorial understandings.

       Huntergather life is over until the atom bombs go off, or a big asteroid like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs hits, or something like that.

       Space Elevators are a great idea, and if it is that carbon nanotube technology will cause them to be possible, humanity has a chance overall if it puts them up and builds a Planet Defense system from that bridge.

        What mankind would learn from needing to develop perfect recycling systems would be great!

        I am donating my body to science.

        I’ve only known one necrophiliac and I figure I really wouldn’t care and if it was enjoyable for me it would be a miracle.

        The necrophiliac I knew said he paid a guy at a mortuary to have some private times with some of the bodies.

        My ex-girlfriend did have some very sophisticated friends.

        I decided that I had not been prepared for such a girl by my small town life in Elon College and have come to appreciate Tolstoy.

        Of course I know that because I can read I understand that I know that I am essentially a peasant.

                                                   Best- Russell





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