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“Nothing I do, don’t seem to work.” Rolling Stones out of a song like Satisfaction, maybe that’s it. long time ago now.

Last night I sort of went to sleep reading about how James Angleton and Richard Helms, Helms, Richard? had John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy murdered. The idea behind this is that these guys were committed to the Vietnam War and John F. Kennedy wasn’t.

Personally for a long time I was of the opinion that Kruscchev, Nikita had President Kennedy killed because he had been humiliated for not having us all fried. Now this theory works better. My earlier theory didn’t have all the evidence, if any evidence at all. I was going by regular detective trails of motive and opportunity.

I mean that is the place from which you start: Motive.

Why does Elon Musk make fast electric cars? Why does Richard Branson make tourist spaceships?
Elon Musk has 5 sons, so leaving an empire to his sons could be a motive for him. Mr. Musk did a fine job creating fear money. He has a perfect corporate leadership way in the public world. Lots to people have bought to hold his stock as it is stock in his visions.

He is on his way to Mars, or at least one of the sons is going to have to get a seat in one of the rocket ships. I mean to keep the stock price up. You’d think.

Space to us as young boys used to represent freedom. Now it is represented as a mission to save the seed of our loins. Mars is a good place for robots. Big genetically engineered Tardigardes, and cockroach heads are now my program. I want to make things fun for my people. I want them to cavort naked on the Martian surface having Wonderific sex.

They will get to tell their children what a great guy I was. Me, personally, I won’t get my seed spread around on Mars. This is too bad. I am sorry about it. Now just like in the case of the murder of the President and his brother, who were kingly, I have more evidence and a better idea.

Not that we can be sure it is all really “better”.

When I was young and had an adolescent boyfriend, we talked about superior ideals and philosophies. I would have never really told him all that much about myself. I never told him for instance that my father was “gay”. I dismissed his racism as just so ingrained that there wasn’t much I could do about it. The final straw was when I had friends an we were all real high on what was supposed to be LSD, and was maybe then MDA, and he wanted to make one of the vulnerable of the group more mentally ill with what at the time were called “Mind games”. He was mean. He wasn’t necessarily mean and stupid, but just mean.
There are a good fair number of mean and ignorant people around. Then there is the great secret hoard of psychotics, or psychopaths. They are supposed to be the reason for the way things are.

My mission is to see people from outer space, and save the world from atomic war. I am supposed to do this pretty much by myself. My friends needed for the mission were killed, or distorted and ripped from my orbit by prison.

This looks to me like a file that has mission failure written on it.
I simply haven’t gotten to see the space people on a holographic television set up set up to grab signals out of the ass of the universe. The ejecta of the black holes is another universe with a fast or slow speed of light and the universe with the fastest speed of light as a constant will have the shortest lived life forms like us before another big bang.

Nothing will stay in good balance long. This is why the good balloon cosmology is weak. My twisted hotdog balloon cosmological imagery is superior. Hence I get a crown? I get a big hat at least! Damnit! In out lifetimes it is possible to see the TV of the aliens. SETI boys you just keep at this project.

They may have already had success but want to hid the space pictures from us. Of maybe they are part of the stock photos used in the Sci Fi channel output?

It’s okay. I am a realist. I am as a philosopher now achieved of the eclectic success I and my teenage friend talked about. i did get changed as I was ready to be changed by a year at school on the South Side of Chicago. As Second City it has a history for those in desperate escape.
The high school I got to go to as a bad school in the North was a superior school to the South.

There were people who had some ideas about what I was supposed to end up doing. There was some Sensitivity Training.

This book The Revolutionary was intended to be about escape and Chicago is to where Blacks from the South ran as a welcoming place, a place where they could get a job. The book turned out to be about how in that time of war you had some philosophies at work along with historical racist controls and labor fights so the book turned out to be about anarchy leading to isolation as the revolution became all through the society and culture so that women had more power sexually than ever imagined.

I put it in a cannon of youth and discovery akin to The Red Bad of Courage.

Photo on 5-12-13 at 1.06 PM

The photo is of me wearing the gift of the Ukrainian Submarine Captain’s Coat, and his regular service cap. It is no small thing that I received this uniform gift before Ukraine was attacked and the submarine stolen back by the Russians. The way the Russians got the submarine back is the real story. As short: Russians, Russians give the Ukrainians a broken down Soviet Diesel Electric Submarine. The Ukrainians fixed it by buying it new batteries and took it out for a spin. The Russians surrounded it at sea and got it back. That is what I see as a great prologue. One of my advisors knew I needed a good uniform. It is a little small. We will do some more work on it. However, However I did wear it for my little new money speech. In that speech I talk of how from petrodollars to insurance bills the new money that is required has been invented by me. You ought to see this clearly and help me make a Transendian Insurance Company for the bills of bonds.

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