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Man Kills Rubber Duck

Man with poisonous duck in his shower angry and murderous about the situation.

Where I live is somewhat peaceful for now because there is enough food and homes are in “rabbit warrens” as one man described.
I am wound up real tight myself.
That Silent Sam over there at the University, along with the go arounds I’ve had with the University and the Town and the County and the State over finally the Airport have wound me up.
The natural ally is a silent force tantamount to an enemy.

I fell into a study of power and beauty after the vision.
Now it is good to go and trash and take it all so we end up with a space circle city for launches to Mars.

The more you trash the world the more you make Mars look like a good destination and Elon Musk has the destination and prices are getting worked up as ways to get people there in a living conditions are bing worked out since being on the moon or carrying up a little water everytime or aerogel works for somebodies space elevator design.

Bob Urbine was a fine pilot and he and his sons had the insurance company at Atlantic Aero. I guess he died. He died I know. His sons moved away after selling land they had sat on for the airport.
Once I asked Bob how he felt about the people that stole his Cessna 310, which is a plane I really liked.
Bob was a semi portly smallish round man from a pleasant bunch with a pleasant bunch cause I know cause I shot a wedding of the families and hung out with them that much.
“I hope they are dead.” he said. The way he said it is recognizable inside of me know as how I feel about some people that stole career time from me at Page AVjet in the early 80s when I was entering my thirties with all that strength and vigor judgement and desires.
They did it all far as sabotages go from one shift to the other. By then I had been made Night Manager and it was all out of me coming in and doing a good better job that got me promoted from scrounging food out of trash cans to Night Manager and these others who had been there kept making my life and the lives of my people very difficult and didn’t show up for any discussions.
Meetings set and they then don’t show and bitch and bitch and bitch and then fire someone for using pot to stay warm, but saying it was me that informed.
Then the guy this fat guy that had put me in the position left to go to Florida and demoted me and I went across the field.
He said, “I’m going and you won’t last long here without me around.” Fat fuck.
Why not get rid of them? “What about how long they have served?”
“Why should I care? They are terrible people at what they do all around and are just here now.”
“No.” and I couldn’t quit because I had just gotten married and had a baby on the way and needed the insurance and so I put my head down and kept going and going and wrote a spy story that sold to a Gannet for the Cover with a bi line and sidebar then when the baby napped and then working and working but not becoming an insurance agent later told about the guy who was slated to make me into an insurance agent.
This stuff was news to me coming on the day after or the day of the wedding that was a Methodist thing I didn’t care much about.
I was out of my home turf sure enough up there in NY where I had gone to college at least.
There was some love and friends.
But the family was twisted as wonderfully applying all the Psy Ops training from out of the father’s Army days for from the Cold War and missile aiming but mostly talking in the streets with speaker cars and then secret arts of mental manipulation learned and practiced on me.
The worst of a John Cheever mother-in-law and bad Faulkner that now so sorry then that what is a town that gets these people?
It is just America.
I was stupid.
But all ready and there are rules and but then Bob Urbine said “I hope they are dead.”, in a way okay and understandable man to man.
These people with the girl giving it to them out to the billing and invoicing offices giving them all the fun and in on how they then three were stealing fuel out of the sump fuel that was sold to mix with the fuel oil and they started stealing real fuel for the jets for the airliners see that was supposed to be there for the airliners to get across the country.
All of it was for cocaine.
Another coke story.
I hope they got stabbed to death finally because I was made miserable and went to work for Piedmont with this guy Cicel Cecil yeah, from a desk left resume`.
Page Avjet and Piedmont Airlines don’t exist anymore you know.
You are at least better off working for the airplane gas station than the goddamned airliner company.
They all want fuel no mater what name is painted on the side.
The people that ruined me and my suburban home were more the wife’s lying possessive family more than those that were coke up minor management working for a CIA MI5 front of a real company, but I hate those who ruined my job life paycheck train, and you youngsters should too.

Later you will want to have made them die.

Some of the time I recognized I wasn’t so needed in peacetime and would have at least been a fine cop for the local neighborhood patrolling but couldn’t get my mind right to do that all when I was so against the drug laws that are what most of police enforcing is, or lots caused by due to artificially the creation of a need to crime.
Do Crimes.

Now I wish I had the gall and uncaring ethical cave place from which to foray and kill and kill and knife slash and sword poke the self satisfied elites.

There is this whole area of philosophical wonder I can spend time at. Hedonism. That is not a bad thing to advance and protect now is it! That is the whole reason for Hollywood incomes is to advance and benefit from the philosophy of hedonism.

I could tell a few stories about some career criminals because they are dead. It didn’t make sense for me to kill them over their corruption stealing cocaine and then evicting the people they stole the cocaine from since the boss didn’t get rid of them and make them stop and all the leadership used up the cocaine and the cocaine business was advanced and made bigger.

To destroy the hippie movement all you had to do was get people in positions of love and power on cocaine and heroin which took the intellectual spark out of it all and made it all a mobster run business and not at all a young persons union changing the world and protecting us from Atomic War by refusing to be soldiers involved. at least.

Defeating War with hedonism was unseemly. Getting naked and having all sorts of advanced lubricated juicy sex was distasteful.
Women had the power to make sport sex happen and distracting because whoring wasn’t any disease spreader and as much a baby maker activity with that pill.

There was the brief period of sexual freedom along with mental triggers for world love as different from world hate and domination thinking that lasted till it was then gone.

I am left remembering failures and thinking too bad that movie was such a piece of shit! Tin Star Void was one god awful piece of crap I worked on successful because I got a paycheck and nothing more after that at all hardly.
My videotape of the wrap is a better piece of work.

And then there is another piece of junk: Brain Twisters with that girl Farah Forte who became a Super Girl but within most of the thing was such junk I was in the wrong orbits and it is a shame I ever went to NYC instead of LA, though I think I would have gone to LA and been sucked into the hedonism before I was able to fend with it and gotten aids from being experimental and some bi I rate n the scale as three, out of ten.

Gp to sin city and be warned there are some private events okay that at the time came along and if come along they you got sick and died from the way things were there were people that don’t exist anymore to fight for civilization that is about enabling hedonism for the girls.

Sex or a gun make a man.

Being a little younger than the right in the thick of it all baby boom gave me a chance to get the info while back some in the pack. War and sex are both deadly for US forces at about the same percentages now that there is armor and armor and aids
Before aids at it was there was the sexual revolution which allowed for more hedonism which has some places.

The all Volunteer Army of the US is fantastic now as soon possible to turn against the Financial District that doesn’t care about them same as they don’t care about the country and are using now everything and everybody.

Occupy has to and could insinuate themselves into the US Armed forces on many a basis of who is doing what for whom and whose family is to be left. The Army suppliers want to sell the police forces all the drones and armored vehicles that they have been making money from.

North Carolina where I live could really take off after some of the leaders elitists. Families need the money and there isn’t enough and they betray their word and the education bills are high and the water is being polluted while deer meat is important and bullets are currency.

With the right speaker saying what is going on inciting the brain battered worn out soldiers used to killing for no reason to get a reason come from the right mouth of a charismatic leader a little satisfactory pool of pain could be created I imagine.

It is to be remembered that the anarchists started WWI and everybody lost.
Indiscriminate killing is a waste and well chosen characters to murder to keep the airports going safe and advanced as they ought to be in the service of civilization ought to be what happens.
I must restrain myself and speak nicer to the enemies who hate the airport because it is a display of their elite positions and power that cannot be affronted.
They stonewall me the same as the cocaine addicts of Page AVjet that wasted my time working at that field in Rochester NY. It feels just the same.

This way that it feels all the same winds me up and makes me snarling angry in my last life decade. Snarling angry.
I must think and bide and say even see if they want to pay me out of town for travels away from them that waste my hopes of happiness.

I see it is stupid to trust people with rights to Eminent Domain who have a certain record.
And I hear another plane.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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