Working Class Corner

by – Russell Scott Day

I’ve been doing a great deal of writing that would normally have shown up in letters here on my website on another website that has been all for me I ever wanted from Shortwave Radio, or even any two way radio I laid my hands on, and never got.

I’ve had more than one radio license too.

This is why the internet is superior to ShortWave, or two way radios.

You can find a mind club easier.

With the internet the way it is it seems ridiculious that I would need a license for any two way radio, and that they are so rare and expensive if they do what I can do without anything other than what I’m using now, that didn’t require a test or anything different from my normally accepted right to pay for a phone line and have a computer.

Well that way some corporation makes money for just being in control because they had the right friends that want them to keep them in power.

So I was studying on batteries and ended up on and then ended up on CR4, and my hobby has been thinking actively with engineers and the like about physics and politics.

Other than poems or screenplays or novella, essay or shortstory, I write checklists for work I have come to understand very well.

And in the CR4 world I’ve been writing about how important it is to write a good Form, Questionaire, Checklist, for a proposed system.

Otherwise I have paid some attention to National Politics, and wish Bill Richardson would be the US President, from every National and International Perspective, since he is not only right, but if the US ever elected a guy that looked like he does, at this time, it would on image alone advance towards Peace and Prosperity.

He looks physically like people of the world.

A Mutt is really a better dog, than a purebreed.

I’m proud to be a Mutt.

Internationally the main thing to have happen is the elimanition of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Working People need to unite to get Atomic Bombs and Chemical Weapons out of anybodies aresenal.

And that’s my CheckList today.              Love, Russell

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