Mission for Army and Police in Iraq

        Regardless of the number of American Troops fighting in Iraq there seems to be a defined mission vacum.

       It is all well and good to talk about Democracy and human rights etcetera, but that may be a mistake in focus for it would mentally influence protection of politicians, over infrastructure.

       I have not heard any sensible sort of plan for the use of armed forces in Iraq according to what I know generally about War and Peace.

      It does sound to me as if the soldiers ride around till they get shot at or blown up like some replication of the inner city American Drug War, that has also been going on forever.

      My friend told me of a conversation with a cab driver from India in Manhattan about the British Empire that implies that I am on the right track in recommending that armed men protect infrastructure workers as their primary mission in Iraq and Afganistan.

      My friend said, "Oh, you must hate the English." to which the Indian answered,   "Oh no, they gave us road and railways and hospitals and schools, in the end we were much better off."

      Now I imagine that were the mission of the troops to travel with the infrastructure workers employed in providing basic services and sharing the same dangers, they would bond in a way that would advance peace in Iraq and Afganistan, and does resonate with President Kennedy’s invention of the Peace Core.

     This is my recommended mission for armed forces in Iraq and Afganistan that is intended to attract not only the best of warriors and workers to its dictates, but also inspire help from nations who otherwise will have no interest in helping the United States resolve this conflict as much as it will ever be possible to be resolved.

      It will be impossible for the US to achieve peace in Iraq or Afganistan if it does not get help.

      In particular the skill sets of French, Costa Rician, and European Professional Police need to be applied by a Formed Constabulary under the direction of some of the most Professional Police like those of Interpol.

       The corruption of the Police Force in Iraq is a skew the War there that requires now force in a different uniform from that of soldiers as a component of the positive possiblities, which do exist, regardless of the generally appalling events.

      These events flow directly from the lack of international agreement regarding the Iraq War, that lost, is the real reason for the degenerating situation in Irag, and Afganistan, not to mention Somalia, Darfur, and other places that are not yet in the headlines.

       A good mission, such as focus on protection of infrastructure workers, is about all I can imagine to have potential to repair the damage done by the US acting so unilaterally as it has.

                                                             Russell Scott Day 



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