Working Class Corner/Lighting Package

Working Class Corner/Lighting Package

by Russell Scott Day

      In 87 when I got a job running a lighting and grip truck in Manhattan the truck had on it a hell of a lighting package for that day.   I had 2, price 4 K HMI Fresnels Two 2500s and 2 1200s.   I had Two nine lights, 6 inkys, 4 Tweenies, 6 Blonde 2Ks, 6 Aces, (Inanaro) as opposed to Mole Baby, a set of 2K Fresnels, a set of 5K Fresnels and other lights along with the grip and electric to run or control them.

      It is seductive to be able to control your set and paint the image with light.

      When I started out I was only concerned with shooting like a journalist, or artist with no expectation that I could put the Sun where I wanted.

       It really is something to find out you can do that if you have the time and the money.   Lighting a Carbon Arc Brute is something to do.

       The biggest light I have operated was an 18 K Sunray I think.

       It was up in the mountains and a great number of Lenses broke over night.

       I think they might have been saved with plumbers tape to keep them from contracting so fast in the cold.

       But for an ideal move around one man van light package I would go for 3 1200 Cinepars or their equivalent, 3 Tweenies, an ACE, 6 Inkys, a set of Kino Flows, and grip and electric to support and manipulate them.

      Lee and Rosco make nice gels, but really it does turn out that Gam is more complete.

      This package is ideal if you are not going to tie in or get a generator, since all of the lights will run off a wall socket.

      Wall sockets typically are limited to 15 amps draw before they blow.

      I was typically able to light set within an hour and a half.

      I had a lot of fun doing it and wish I had more apple boxes in the house.



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