April Fools/Working Class Corner

Working Class Corner/Transcendian National Holiday

                               April Fools

      April Fools is the only Transcendian Holiday that has in the past had any great observances.

      I invited a number of people by email, or in person over this year for an Open House.

        I set the time frame from 2 PM to 8:30 PM and it is 2:45 and I have gotten a message that one friend can’t come because they have to go to Indianna.

        If one person comes that will be okay with me for I have had parties when such a thing happened.

        I don’t think it is wise to take April Fools too seriously.

        Of course we did clean the house up as much as possible.

        I have thought about entertainments.

        I have looked at my flag.

        I got on my knees and vacumed.

        I caulked the cracks in the tile around the bathtub.   I used white silicone, which I now regard as a big mistake and will never buy white silicone again.

       In fact I will never buy silicone caulk white or clear, again without buying latex gloves thinner and cotton rags for the job.

        At least water won’t be getting down on the joists under the tub, but I have made myself some clean up work.

        Oh, Transcendia, It’s a Friend to Yah!

        Who needs Kar-Is-Me-Iah!

         I read the email promo from Barak Obama and considered it political genius in contrast to the gimme letters I have gotten from Edwards and Hillary.

        Gore ought to be the permanent Vice President and my man turns out to be Gephardt.

        Us Working Class People really need to focus on candidates and companies that are treating all of us right.

         None of the Democratic Leaders of the US has grabbed ahold of the third rail of American Politics and War with any courage regarding The Drug War.

        Over and over I have said that you cannot have but so many wars, and that war is a constant.

         The War In Irag looks like the American Drive By Shootings in LA which charactrize the Drug War, to me.

         Afganistan makes Hashish and Opium.

         You tell me.

         Wouldn’t the World be a bit safer if arms smugglers and drug smugglers were separated?

         My Polish friend who drank heavily, said once, "It’s not how much you drink, but what you do when you are drunk."

         Maybe some vices are better than being Viceless if you are a Dry Drunk like Muslems and Bush and Hitler.

         One can make a case for some social lubrications and the value of the Fools.

         My main man has been Grant.

         As far as muddling through I think he did about as good as one could have done in the circumstances.

         When Black Groups ask for apoligies for slavery here I am inclined to ask them to dig up Jefferson Davis and get it out of him.

         In fact there are twice as many Union dead that died to save the Union, the Federal Government, than Confederate dead, that fought to keep them as slaves.

        Fred Hampton changed America as much as anyone else if you know anything about the Black Panthers and Head Start.

       I heard the report that children who had been to kindergarten were more difficult than children who hadn’t.

       My take on that was that they had learned to take up for themselves.

                                                                 Love, Russell




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