History of the Bomb Art Show

History of the Bomb Art Show

     The first work in the Bomb Art Series was Bikini Bomb done last Feburary on the 26th of the month.

      While listening to the news and trying to sort out what was really important to address regardless of the ongoing tragedies wars and wars to come I came to feel that getting Weapons of Mass Destruction out of the human arsenal was a priority.

      I immediately decided that it was a good time for there to be put up an Art Show at the UN about Weapons of Mass Destruction.

      I worked on having that happen and got the classic Bureaucratic run around.

It is the second time I have gotten the run around from Bureaucrats of the UN.

So I have a good sense of why Ban Ki Moon immediately after being installed as Secretary General asked for the resignations of 30 intrenched UN Top Bureaucrats.

The show at the UN was intended as a Group Show.

This is my one man show.

It is really basically the work I have done with Atom Bomb images and Icons along with a bit of a story.

I am pleased that at least it has worked out that this show has come to pass and be hung over the course of a year.

At least I have somehow made it happen where I live, though I had wanted it to be at the UN.

I have long taken the attitude that regardless of whatever perfections of conception you have in your head, just go ahead and do the best you can.

It is nice when something of perfection pops into your head, and I am grateful that I have had that experience with a few poems and prayers.

For instance:   Dear Lord Jesus/Give me Heart/To Be a Man/And Do my Part.

I am grateful to all who have helped me over the past year to produce this show.

Nancy Alex my wife has long now been encouraging and a great helpmate.

Mary Earles has been a great advisor and teacher, and framed the work that is framed.

Lynda Curry is also important along with Phil Blank Randy Pilosi & Bob Votta for their community with me as artists.

The technology of art has come to the point where we can give the war experience in virtual reality movies that ought to be satisfying enough.

Dad Said The Atom Bomb Made Me, is my work on steel that will only be available to see during the opening.

It is about how infact the Atom Bomb did its job, but is now obsolete.

The American Philosopher William James influences me to go ahead and believe in doing the best I can, and allowing myself to have great thoughts and ambitions while still recognizing that courage is not always enough.

The wind may be against you.

I told an Architect once in arguement that "If you can’t even imagine Utopia, you ought not call yourself a human being."

"We have the technology!"

Between Jared Diamond, Edward Hallet Karr, Machievelli, & Grotius, along with other greats of philosophy and history, there is hope for systems for mankind to come out of Political Science.

In the end I am a poet and conceptual artist, and this show is just some of my regular stuff in service of my concept, that is Transcendia.

I hope you enjoy the show and help make history.

                                                               Russell Scott Day

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