Political Science/Working Class Corner

Working Class Corner/Political Science

by Russell Scott Day

       Desperation and Anarchy plus criminality have been the Democracy, so called, that is the United States.

      How is it that the advances in the United States and in Europe for the Working Classes can be brought forward?

      They are certainly under great assault and pressure now.

      War and Work are the secular ethical concerns that transcend religions and morality.

      Conforming ethics and religious morality is the spiritual key to inspirational leadership that is within and without each of us individuals in the world community.

      The clear headed athiests and the clear headed believers in "God", which amounts to believers in an afterlife, have attempted over and over to come to agreement about how to live as humans, thinking beings, on this planet.

       The conflict may as well be called a conflict with the infinite and the finite.

       Food is a finite resource since there is only so much land to grow it on.

       It is ironic that when I last nearly died, it was because my guts got wrapped up by what covered my intestines so that I was not able to eat to any benifit and was basically internally squeezed in half.

       Why it is ironic isn’t really clear to me, but it feels like it.

       Maybe the thing is that I could eat, but it wouldn’t do me any good.

       The really terrible thing nowadays is that as a group of thinking beings who are faced with the knowledge that unless we come together and protect the place that gives us the opportunity to live in bodies that are physical, and are finite, our prospect of being extingished is 100 percent.

      We can be just like the dinosaurs is the fact of the matter.

      For their past to be our future represents the prospect of a betrayal of a gift that if it came from God would be infinitely reprehensible, and if it came from the Devil Chance, just as sad.

      My wife loves mirrors.

      My brother once said he got so lonely he looked in the mirror to see someone else.

       Does the Pope really think he sees God’s telephone to me when he looks in the mirror?

       Was Mary raped by God?

        Does love have limits?

        No, love does not have limits, but love knows where they are and what to do to be loving of the within and the without.

         World leaders and rich people need to pay right to the workers, and allow them to work from their spiritual connections same as they get and want.

         Working alone is a luxury that we cannot as a group take for granted.

                                                                Love, Russell


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