Working Class Corner/What to Do About Iraq

Working Class Corner/

           Timetables and Iraq

       by- Russell Scott Day

       When the Stockbrokers succeed it is because they have invested in good products, produced by good people, at a good time.

       When the Warriors win, it is because they were fighting well, for a good idea, with good weapons.

        That is the ideal.

        Sometimes in the past Warriors have won when they were fighting well with good weapons for a bad ideal.

        It is good to fight for a good idea, and idealism forever and all the time.

        The good fight is work.

        Fighting is work.

        I got to live in Rochdale College because I was hired as a Security Guard.

        I got paid in Rochdale College in Toronto for protecting people.

        The way I got a job at Rochdale College was selling poems I had written on the streets of Yorkville.

         The Vice President of Rochdale College gave me a job in the Security Force of Rochdale to make up for the fact that the College Newspaper, the Tuesdaily had printed the poem I was selling on the streets, without my permission.

         I really liked Lionel Douglas.

         It has been a hobble for Transcendia that he ran into a brick wall on a motorcycle.

         He gave me the option of being on Security, or Maintainance.

         The last test session I took said I was suited to be CEO, or Janitor, and mostly these days for pay, I am a janitor.

        The established business that runs itself because it is integral like bags or bug spray has firemen as presidents.

         You don’t need to be a visionary when you know fires happen.

         Putting out fires is the phrase a lot of managers and supervisors use to describe what they do.

         They say, "I put out fires." with pride.

         A leader says, "I start fires."

         Young Men and Fire tells the story of a firefighter who started a backfire that saved his life, and would have saved the lives to his crew, if they had liked him.

        I have to admit as a scholar or espionage and war, that deadlines for withdrawal of soldiers, and warriors, is stupid.

         My study of political science and history has taught me that it takes what it takes and costs what it costs.

        For a sportsman the phrase would be:   "It’s not that you win or lose, but how you play the game."

        It would be a Utopia if War had rules and never lasted more than three weeks as long as there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction involved.

        hence it is that I declare again war on weapons of mass destruction.

Since mindless asteroids are on the way to the Homeland, I have a legitimate permanent war to get volunteers for.

                                                           Love, Russell


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