God and Science/Scott Day

If you do not have a body, you do not get to have sex.

Spirits without bodies thirst to have bodies to have sex with.

Souls understand this and are awed about the whole thing.

Science is satisfying and a transcendent thing of the mind of its own that justifies not actually being interested in sex as the only way of creating life.

Actually it is God as a Creator that is the most ambitious sentiment that God and Man ethically share.

I am flawed since I will die.

The harddrive will be the same as a computer at the landfill run over by a crusher.

In fact this whole planet is on the way to being destroyed if only by stupidy and the accidents that either add up or are topped by the limits of real time.

My vision called Transend-O-Ray is called up in my mind and memory whenever I must work to, from, or around the reality of life as I know it.

To know what is and what has been, and what could be is human.

To know what is and what has been and what will be is godlike, or what we might universally expect from God.

We expect to know the future if we are God.

But the thing that turns out to be true is that God does not care to know the future since that is not very interesting, and then actually God is a Spirit we share that can withstand destruction easily, is actually so strong as to not be other than surprised with a present of understanding about what came from what it created.

This is why God gave us free will.

What really is sin?

I am shamed sometimes when I think I ought to have known better than to do, or think what I did.

I haven’t read every word of the Bible or the I Ching or the Koran.

Being a writer I know some great works get lost, and there are stories and pictures and poems and that most of what we know is a gift if it is right, and a curse if it is wrong.

The United States is temporarily powerful and Bush and his friends imagine themselves the awakened sleeping giant as a good thing.

Saul became Paul and this is a story Bush ought to pay attention to.

St. Paul is the reason we have Christianity.

The Canaanities had women ritualists and Chrisitianity had Jewish ritualists.

Thats why some of the fashions look as they do.

I am going to get my wife some Red Cross Shoes.

I am going to be what I know and feel and have experienced and hope to share the best of with my ancestors and antecendents.

                                                           Love, Scott Day

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