Working Class Corner/My Police Experience and Style

My Police Experience/Working Class Corner

by Russell Scott Day/ 12/18/2005

The Six Months that I lived and Worked in and for Rochdale College in Toronto after I graduated from High School gave me a unique education that I would put up against any other schools political science courses.

I made some real enemies in my job there as a Security Guard.

The enemies I made as editor of my paper Ghetto News were not exactly real enemies since I never felt like I was going to get thrown out a window due to something I wrote, but I did suspect I was going to be thrown out a window because of my work opposing corruption within the Security Force.

I have discovered that typically what happens when you make enemies is they inhibit your ablity to make money.   In cases where I have made enemies my income was diminished and I was forced to flee.

Money is a powerful weapon and though it is true that in the end it really isn’t how much money you have, but what you do with it, criminals with too much money are more dangerous than criminals that don’t have much.

In this case my definition of a criminal is someone that disturbs the peace.

I get the distinct impression that there are way too many people in the world that really don’t have a clear idea of what peace is.   Either that or they just don’t like it.

It is true enough that some are destined to be warriors, and some are destined to be doctors, and some destined to be workers.

One may well be destined to be all of these things in the course of one life.

Now when you want to take the money of a nation or a movement away you can do it in a fair fight, which is like sports with laws and courts and tax collectors, or you can steal it.

In the streets it is a mugging, and between nations it is war.

It is commonly legal to defend yourself from others with no more rights than you, and illegial to defend yourself against others who have more rights than you.

In reality people who have more money than you have more rights since they have more money.   Aristocrats who feel that they have more responsiblity because they have more money do have a better place in the world than the rich that feel no responsiblity to others for what they do with their power.

The working classes are too much at the mercy of the rich, and the aristocrats and theocrats.   If I had my way I would have a Workers Speaker who articulated to the UN and the Security Council the interests of peace shared by all workers across all borders who deserve fair pay for their work and also deserve defense of the peace on the streets or at work.

Of the police I have had to deal with or depend on I am partial to the New York City Police, and especially the 14th Precient.  Still I didn’t go past Ave. B.   Really New York City is a great place and has a terrific mature transportation infrastructure and when it fails it fails on certain blocks because of the absolute imperfection of humanity which fears those that do not look like them or live as they do, or have what they have.

Say it was that the mission of the United Nations was completed, and war was elimanated.    The fact is that we would still need police.

It may very well be the case that a transnational police force uniform that was sold from my website and desirable for men and women in any nation, is the most important thing for Transendia to sell today.

I am influenced by my experience and Paul Fussell on these scores.

When I was a Security Guard for Rochdale College, I never wore a uniform, but was only in the position and had keys to every apartment in the building.

                                                                Best for today,

                                                                    Scott Day

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