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We Caught a Guy Who beat another guy over the head with a pipe and stole three hundred and fifty dollars worth of mescaline.    Hallucinogenic drugs were legal in Rochdale College.   Narcotics were not legal in Rochdale College.

In either case it was not legal to beat people and steal from them.

Now we did catch the guy dead to rights hiding behind a couch in a hallway by an elevator and he was identified by the guy who was bleeding from his head.

We hauled him down to our offices and asked him some questions.

We asked him what made him think he could come in our building and steal from us.

He said someone told him he could and he got punched a few times.

I really do not think it qualifies as torture.

It might have been a bit of torture when we discussed infront of him what we wanted to do with him.

One guy put up 200 dollars for the right to cut off his finger, because he had always wanted to cut off someones finger.

Another guy wanted to give him thirty tabs of bad acid and let him out on the street.

I wanted to make sure that this guy told others that it was not a good idea to come in our building and beat or rob any of our people, but thought it was a bit much to cut off his finger, or destroy his brain.

At the time I needed a car.

I was supposed to become a Landed Immigrant and I suspected that the suspect had a car.

Turned out he did have a car.

A deal was made and we had this guy sign his car over to us at the Motor Vehicle Bureau.

The deal was that I got to use the car to become Landed, but that the guy that put the 200 up to get to cut off the guys finger could get the car after I was Landed.

What happened was that I and a friend of mine took a tour of Northern Canada in the car and then the guy that was supposed to get the car after I was done with it threatened seriously to beat me to a pulp, if I didn’t give him the car.

It was a Chevy Impala.

I liked that car.

Really I ought to have become Canadian, but my number came up 346 and the guy that wanted the car was my boss and was stealing cocaine from the other cocaine guys and kicking them out of the building and selling their cocaine and had developed an interest in throwing me out a window.

I’ve done some detective work and some police work, and really I do believe in evidence, and really I believe in certain limits.

I am particularly against Crack and heroin unless you are in great pain and dying.

The reason I am so much more against Crack than even heroin is that Crack seems to make people into so much less than people that it is obviously in no way useful at all to anything I want to use a drug for.

Hashish is one of my favorite drugs.

I was good at confusing people when I was high on hashish, and I used it when I was guarding the door.

One time a guy came to the door waving a pistol and asking where someone I knew was.

I told him his target wasn’t home and to come back later.

Soon as he left I called the Toronto Police.

If I called the Toronto Police for help I suspect that they took it seriously and understood our common interests that transcended the differences in our laws.

I’ve been in the position of trying to protect my people, and I have to tell you that I have retreated and hidden and protected myself.

I have to also tell you that I am certain that we would all be safer if the War on Drugs was ended and pot and hashish were legal.

It is odd that it is as important a war to win, as the war on terror.

Deep breathing and swimming and sauna will produce the same state of mind that you might get from smoking hashish by the way.

And real deep breathing with heroic soundtrack does produce a state of mind similar to very good Sandoz LSD.

It is time to get real about what is good or bad or inbetween.

In Iraq it is time that the emphasis is on civilian police protecting infrastructure workers from harm at work.

In Afganistan it is time civilian police protect infrastructure workers and women and hashish was legalized cutting it out of weapons smuggling conduits and exposing weapons smuggling operations.

It is nice that Hitler lost, and one of the reasons he lost was that he had war on too many fronts.

My great Polish friend said, "It’s not how drunk you get that matters, but what you do when you’re drunk."

The only people I’ve had call to punch out were drunk or full of speed.

I am lucky that I did most of my fighting in Canada.

                                                           Love, Scott Day


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