Idiot Drivel/SD/Working Class

Always leave your adversary a way out that is a win win for you and them to resolve a conflict, or a what we call war when it is the you lose and I win because you die and I get your land and women.

Your adversary is you.

I have done a number of budgets and bids and have done them intuitively and by the numbers account of an inventory and time.   I found it odd that doing the work either way it was generally the same amount of money.

One of my failings was that I did not keep good records, and really did not account for the multiplicity of taxes.

To rise above being working class or apparently make being working class cool with comrades one must employ lawyers and accountants that think of themselves as working class.

Now between Insurance and Lawyers the Working Class is getting fucked from everyside as if they were dead beef or willing sheep.

Maybe it would be better if no one had to tell anyone how much money they had or what they made.

Really one of the reasons I don’t get more stuff from governments and they get more from me is that I want my finances private information available to me only as if the whole world economy is a poker game.

I think it is stupid to tell people how little you made a great movie for.

It costs the same to advertise the thing.

                                                           Love, Russell

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