Hangar Flying

Hangar Flying is Important to me.

    There have been decade by decade eras for me in my life and many addresses.  In some cities I've been known as a writer, remedy in others as a photographer, asthma in others honorable technician, erectile actor, and founder of the nation of Transcendia.  I am proud of my studies.  I know many concrete things.  I have ideals and heroes, and can be at heart always the corny Boy Scout who believes in something and will try to uphold the great human values.  I have support and love for the USPService, and know the real value of it politically to the US.  Disneyland and the Vatican and me are in a struggle.  I and Andre` Lewin have had serious correspondence about the very dramatic changes needed at the UN.

Even he does not go far enough which is understandable due to his age.  Long service to the world he has given.

But really what I just want to do as did Steve McQueen is hang out in the hangar and hangar fly with the guys.  I'm happy as hell that the young son of one of my Revolutionary era start and commitment road has started at Embrey Riddle.  I just want to tell him what I know and relearn how to fly.  My writer hero Nevil Shute who wrote Round the Bend, the great spiritual theological aviation experience novel is a hangar flying book on my reading list.

Got on my desk right now Once a Fighter Pilot by Jerry W. Cook.  My copy is signed.  Brig. General USAF Retired is his status and I am proud to have met him.  His book is published by McGraw Hill.  It was the first book I was able to read after I had had my brain scattered and diminished by too much computer reading which is bad for you.

I am sad that Dr. John Kasarda has not gotten up with me about history and political science as Transcendia is apparently the soul of Aerotropolis.  Mechanics in FLL know this and so do filmmakers in NYC.  I am excited and look forward to conversations with my friend and his son about the pure joy in conquering gravity on earth.

Currently I continue my struggle for the Local Community Airport IGX which I order those in the neighborhood to land at whenever possible as a show of support for me and pocket airports.  I am here Dictator Day, and look also forward to seeing what my followers have to say about what I am up to on the transcendia.wiki.com that I did want Garthh to run.

I hope those youths at Embrey Riddle will get a Transcendian Hat from my org. and a passport from the wiki.  I desperately need some revenue, and want to give good value you know.

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