US Attorney General, DEA, Doctors, Etc.

Let us decide what to get angry about.  Righteous anger is called for about some issues, anesthetist and not to be confused with bad manners or the failure to live up to gentlemanly ideals.  For instance I choose to be angry about DEA intrusions into my confidential relationship with my pain doctors.  The doctors know that pot does not  interfer with the efficacy of the drugs I must take in order to walk for a little longer.  Still they allow the DEA to have my medical records, cialis and will not prescribe addicting potentially deadly narcotics if they find pot in my piss.  I will need effective narcotics for awhile after I get my neck cut open.  Pot does help with some side effects of the diseases and drugs I am on in order to move.  They asked me to stop drinking alcohol which also helped with my pain.  One doctor was a real asshole about it all as if he called me up one day and demanded I come see him.  I did stop drinking the day I started the drugs that don't mix with my other vitally needed drugs.  I really don't see something wrong with self medicating with folkways remedies for the pains of living.  Of all drugs around pot is less dangerous, clinic having never caused a death due to overdose.

It does disrupt your short term memory.  It will turn from a euphoric to a depressant if you use it too much.  The only reason it is illegal is because the police state wants to make sure it can arrest certain people if they can't get them on something else.  Guess what hippies, you lost.  We do have unacceptable situations especially shown horribly by murders and war on the Mexican US borders.  We really ought to be coldly and dispassionately angry about the pot wars.

The US Attorney Generals Office really ought to be charging Congresspersons who have shown loyalty to a foreign nation by pledging to Norquist Nation, and conducting Economic Warfare on the US Federal government.  Reagan's Economic Warfare on the Soviet Union broke it up and was a victory of capitalism over communism.  US workers did have it better during the Cold War.  I suggest you read Farewell about the double agent who facilitated Reagan's win.  Statehood for Russia would have been the perfect resolution of the Cold War as a tradition of Contract Law would have instantly allowed the Russians to properly prosper from the better parts of Capitalism.

Weapons of Mass Destruction are an intolerable threat to the working classes no matter what religion they love for its myths.  Secret killings and conflict are acceptable actions to eliminate this intolerable threat increased by the multipolar power balance that replaced the Bi polar power balance which kept the peace relatively for 50 years.

We are threatened more than acceptable because of what causes wars which is economic conflicts between nations that do business with each other.  It will get to a point where war will kill off humanity because as in WWI, no one knew how to manage all the competing interests and they had to stay on schedule.

Bush's war on Iraq came about partly due to plans designed around weather in Iraq same as start of WWI.

World Wide Economic situation is very similar to prior to WWII.  The difference is Weapons of Mass Destruction developed to save lives and end the war.

Disney Land or Team Rodent is really not as much a joking matter as some may think.  They ought to join with me for their international presence replicates and leads my own plans.  They are not safe in nations that may suffer from Weapons of Mass Destruction.

There are other issues to discuss but you who support me and civilization need to buy things offered for sale here.

There are designated signers of the Passport you can download and print out off the companion site.  Here I am Dictator Day, there I must bow to my death impending soon enough, arrange for my succession, and be a little more co-operative with my supporters and followers.  We do have a lot to offer the world.  I am not kidding around here.

Defense and Education are the core legitimate responsibilities of any government.  We do need to fight same as animals sometimes regrettably.  No nation is immune from the natural laws.   We are not above others but know we will be honored if we save and advance civilization.

The most important things I got from Mr. Petroski's book the Essential Engineer has been the inclusion he made of Financial Engineering and Systems Engineering which completes my leadership sylibus. Obviously my aware engineering friends and collegues will recognize how Systems Engineering and Financial Engineering help us design a better government.    Love, Russell/ Spelling mistakes caused by my wife's absence and to make a point.  My Hero US Grant couldn't spell either.

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