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I nominate Henry Petroski's Essential Engineer for the Pulitzer Prize as a companion to Jared Diamond's Guns Germs and Steel, look and Collapse.  It helps me and my supporters to redesign governments we are still under the thumb of, drugs and gives us tools to build Transcendia from the bottom up.

Roberts Rules of Order is an essential guide for meetings.  Old Business has been for me in my campaign to gain a following.  Maybe I'm too reasonable.  One temporary wife said I didn't have enough Charisma.  Oh, allergy Well, she didn't have loyalty and was another greedy using liar with a lazy son.  Plus she was a Wicca Witch.  I stay away from witches after her and another experience with a witch.

That's all I got to say right now.  Sorry.  Enjoy your Monday.  Buy a black hat.

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