Hi Russ, how are you guys doing?

Hi Russ, how are you guys doing? Hope you are healthy and enjoying the brief cool spell. Nothing new down here, same old stuff, no macho police stories; however, a little inside stuff;an ex-probation officer who went to the High Point PD recently accidentally shot his LT. in the butt with a shotgun…… really happened.

They were on a call, the Lt was in front, for some reason the wanna be rambo ex-probation officer (kinda reminds me of a dweebie elmer j fudd) had a shotgun in his hands, this same officer spent his own money to go to one of these “TACTICAL” seminars that teach you real macho swat tactics with weapons etc….. ohhhh can I wear my black ninja outfit now???? , this guy supposedly ‘accidentally’ has his shotgun go off; the slug hits the concrete pavement in front of him showering the LT in the back with lead slivers and concrete; in the butt that is…… apparently the Lt is also a real macho type.

Ah yes , our highly trained police in action…… geeez, people wonder why I never asked for assistance in the field…..Have any other interesting stories to tell? Real transcendental eh? The goofy ninja cop ‘ I don’t know how the gun went off…’ I ran into him afterwards, no investigation and he is still on the force along with his wife. She is another interesting story.

Hugs to all , still working too much, still hanging out in the woods with
the dogs enjoying the passage of time and all that it entails……..
aloha Ed Oh, I did get your message, but, I thought it expeditious
to email you asap.

Dear Ed,

I was prompted to call because I had picked up the bargin bin book The
Anatomy of Motive and so far in my reading think you would appreciate it.
So far the writing is clear and sometimes its good to read of things you
know to be reminded you know them. Reading non fiction is good for my
fiction whenever I do get around to writing fiction. My boss and mother
say it is a waste of time for me to even write fiction since my life as it
is is beyond what I can make up.

I’m posting your letter to Ed Hettig the webmaster and Peggy and Paul of
The Refrigerator along with this. I’d appreciate it if they can post your
letter. I need other writers for Transcendia.org since I want their
stories and insights along with mine. Writing can get you in trouble and
fame without money sucks. Your sentence saying such foolishness with guns
caused you to hesitate to call for help I sense as akin to professionally
heartbreaking within your carreer.

I’m real sorry you haven’t undertaken the pursuit of a Leadership role
in the State Senate at least.

I’m mostly interested in International Politics, and called a Human
Reasources person at Time Warner asking them to connect me to who I would pitch a United Nations Channel to within their Corporate Culture. I
imagine that as not hardly profitable to me personally like how Buddy
Hackett would apply for jobs all day and at night use his interviews for his
stand up routines.

The March issue of Vanity Fair has a fine journalistic piece about
Afganistan’s Drug Trade. Holland which seems as close to Utopia as I know
of even fails internationally maintaining its United Nations agreement to
the illegality of drugs.

Corruption and flat out weakness at the United Nations obviate hopes
for World Peace in my opinion. International Human Rights have been an
example considering the recent history of the Human Rights Commission.
I’m supposed to be writing about Banks and Oil Companies today. I’ve
got the April Issue of Fortune here to think about. I wish Russia was a
State so we’d get their Space Program, and they’d get our contract laws.
-And I like the Dutch Constitution.

Certainly this guy John Edwards ticks me off with his position on drugs
like pot, especially when the economy of North Carolina would benifit so
greatly from a turn from Tobacco to Pot as our schools continue to spiral
downward. When all down the line government policies are allowed to treat
all citizens as if they are all children, it is the children who actually
suffer the most.

These Harvard thinkers down the line make me sorry I didn’t go to
school there, but at least I’ve read some of their books and William James
ought to be a more famous American thinker. He is one a politician could
touch to get off the Third Rail where Drugs are concerned. Anyone going
into politics ought to have read Classic Readings in International Relations
and Selected Papers on Philosophy by William James.

Impressive that Holland being so small is so important in the world and
on the world stage. What a display of conscience and integrity when the
government resigns to illustrate that they failed to protect others in their
role as agents of the United Nations. It would be worth it to pay the
taxes they do to live with people that take care of each other somuch as to
sometimes display shared shame.

Obviously the fact that they will not go without shelter, or food or a
home because of their acts of conscience is not the case in this country.
The Corporate links between the banks insurance agencies oil companies
and the healthcare industry in this country now conspire to leave working
people with nothing for their families when they die.
Stocks no longer are bought to pay dividends, but to be traded around
on fantasys and fashions. Fads divorced from heroes of creation, industry
and imagination will doom us and our children if things go on with the
people in power this year, in power next year.

I’ve been reading about Rome and think Iccarus, the inventor of
carpentry, actually fell off a roof, but was such a hero of building that
they said he was trying to fly. Then again every great builder builds
something that doesn’t quite work, is beyond them to fully achieve,but is in
the right direction.

Hope you will think about coming over to Chapel Hill. This coming
Friday night we will be at Go filming some youngsters playing music, but
often the Friday Night Club continues at the Tractor Shed, and you and Patty
would be welcome along with your children for that matter.
Otherwise Patty and Nancy Alex ought to determine when we could have
dinner together. Their is the germ of a party plan for June 29th, but that
is not confirmed.

I’d love you to see the little 32 I got. Patent numbers on the barrel
say l906 and l914. I wish I knew its history actually. What do you think
of Pilots being armed? I think it is crazy not to arm them incase the sky
marshall is crazy. Every Captain of a ship has a gun locker as far as I
know of Maritime Law.

The book that I reccommended is significant as far as legislation
concerning arms is concerned because profiling prior to gun permit issuance
might be practical as far as safety on Transcendian airports. Transcendian
issuance of gun permits, passports, and pilot licenses is serious, and I
have got to create bureaucratic questionaires on occassion. Possibly you
would want to write the applications for guns questionaire from what you
know about the dangerous people that are still citizens, free to walk

I wrote the passport application and if you would write the
questionaire for a Transcendian Gun permit, it might be better than one I
might write.


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