Transcendian Letters/Short Headlines

Transcendian Letters/Short Headlines

The computer and phone have been down and we know what that means. I think I lost a job because of it. When the satellite went bad from bad rays and my pager went out I lost a job. My horoscope said I should write and publish the day I came home to find out nothing would work right. Bad cosmic rays made me say “there is no hell but just the Devil causing trouble in heaven.”

I like it when my memory is working.

Otherwise I have to keep notes and use the tape recorder.

My notes are:

These the things I would be writing about now if I didn’t have to go out. Banks and Oil Companies. Two front wars that can never be won for the greater collection of world citizens. Drugs the hypocrisy of self interest and denial.

Where women are treated badly, I don’t want to be.


The Universe is like Movies
Dependent on Persistence of Vision
in the mind a screen that might function without a mind
like the Alzheimer’s patient
wandering in the past on some battlefield
a mindless memory that only we make into stories.


All the truth like religion
if it changes or doesn’t
And What Doesn’t Change
What Can’t?
I’ll finish it later

Russell “honey we really need to go.”


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