Critique of Myself

Critique of Myself:

No great turn of phrase, not the poetry or fiction. Bland seeming not
to soar these days.

I myself want to see it in print all from somewhere else, someone else.
I’d shuffle the pages around so they are organized for the audience.
If you are around one of the Xerox Docutech machines, see if they can
actually print The Transcendian Letters out from both The, and

Xerox representatives haven’t been calling me back. I asked them to
tell me where all these machines are as the last question. The main use of them seems to be the printing of Chapters assigned by University professors, instead of the entire textbook.

The plan for my operation, a system of airport bookstores with no stock
but the ablity to on demand print anything in any language is new to Xerox, but will probably be done eventually by Kinkos which has the most experience with the Docutech machines. If I was advising Kinkos I’d tell them to bring the technology to the notice of the public.

Maybe the desktop printer someday will be able to do what the Docutech machines can do, print 135 pages a minute correctly from a computer feed, but right now I hardly know anyone with a printer hooked up to their printer that can do anything like that.

Full proof of the concept is the history of the Wall Street Journal
printing operation. Used to be The Wall Street Journal was flown up and down and all around on a fleet of freighter aircraft. As soon as it was feasable The Wall Street Journal fed to Localized printers by Satellite elimanating the need for these airplanes.

New technologys over and over gobble the technologies that preceeded them. Movies are on TV, records are on the radio. Books will come out of the computer.

Well more correctly I ought to say that newspapers, magazines and then books will come out of the computer.

By the end of this year the Xerox Docutech will be able to not only
print at a competitive speed, but bind. If I had about 3 million dollars
for the project I would buy five of these machines, which cost about 200 thousand dollars apiece, and put them in airports like Paris, Rome, New York, Bejing, Hong Kong, and Melborne, or at least one per continent in major ports.

I would require of Xerox an upgrade agreement so that my investment in their machines would not become obsolete as the technology improves.

Something similar as the way the Grumman and Lear upgraded aircraft with the winglet technology for example.

There will always be a desperate need for books. For example some
information is so important such as Spacecraft manuals that they cannot be trusted to electronic storage entirely. Even the manuals for computers are some the same.

I do not have 3 million dollars for such an endeavor, so go with it if
you get it. Say you got the idea from Transcendian Letters, hope you’ll
send some money when you get some.


Coming up next Thursday some of the videos I made in Greensboro for
the Public Access Channel there will be on in Chapel Hill over the Channel here. One of the productions is very disturbing. That being the
Contractors Creed. Thursday is the 28th.

We were very impressed with the constitution of Holland. We think it
is good to approve of it in the context of Transcendian Anarchy as written in the passport.

The cultural causes of the Dutch failure in Serbia are of interest.
I am reminded of the lesson in War and Peace. When we come from good honest families, cultures, societies, it is shocking to find that there are people, tribes culture, that do not operate as we do. I feel that this
was the case for the Dutch.

It is time that the Dutch broke more fully with the International
United Nations agreement that Drugs are illegial. Their defacto
legalization of them in conflict with their signature to the cause of real
State Sponsored Terrorism Internationally is a Hypocrisy that I would prefer they abandon. Transcendia would never sign such an agreement because it is so continuously counterproductive. I myself live with more fear from the Police and Army my taxes pay for, day in and day out, than I do from the Taliban.

Dutch pilots in a culture where pot is legal for everyone else
interest me. Doctors who give pilot physicals in Holland must have some sort of standard. I wish I knew exactly how it worked. The Dutch pilots I knew when I was younger were good companions and I took a flight to Kitty Hawk with one that I’ll never forget for its successes.

The Flight Instructors did have to explain to their Dutch students
that in the confines of a Cessna 152 deoderant was called for. Apparently the Dutch at that time were not offended by body odors.


The International Airlines ought to understand that expansion of safety
and security that Transcendia would provide, especially if it was protected by the United Nations Peacekeeping Force, would allow for their growth, and not their contraction.



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