How Bad It Was

I Forget How Bad It Was

I just had another tooth pulled. In a lifetime I’ve had enough of them pulled to have a good concept of what this is going to be like. Ben, Eric, and Dr. Fetterman did it, with assistance from Susan and Ester and some other girl. My wife watched preparations. There were two stages. There were 6 or 7 shots in two days. Dr. Fedderman was a West Point man from early in his life. I talked about how making a nation of airports is mostly inspired by Disneyland and Pan Am, unless I go all out for the war- went out all for a war. I missed Lionel for that charismatic thing. I am memorable, but not charismatic? I don’t know. Lots of people can’t deal with my ideas. The Insurodollar is hard for lots to wrap their heads around. Those that do don’t like it anyway. I have had lots of ideas and concepts like that now.
The other day the TV was on and a guy was getting a broken pool cue shoved up his ass. It doesn’t get worse than that. Watching shit like that is bad for your brain. Television isn’t really supposed to be where you go to get combat fatigue. May as well go kill people, which is what lots of Americans are doing to innocents. Mass fear psychosis. Mind control gone wild.
What it is about is Mind Control between waring Public Relations Agencies. They couldn’t actually be on a real government paycheck. Mind Control Department Expenses? Mind Control Agent Training? Mind Control TV and Drugs. Mind Control Sleep Noise.
A Clockwork Orange was one of the Kubrick films that showed us the future here and now.
Facebook got really ill for me when my daughter put up the face in black and white of her grandfather, the father of my first wife, who was proud of his Psychological Warfare training and got to use it to put me off balance and try and get me to hit my first wife while taking from me my daughter, starting at nine months when I didn’t get hired to be a NYS Life insurance agent. I’d gotten her, my first wife, pregnant on the honeymoon to Disney World at Orlando in the Hyatt Regency, or whatever fine nice hotel it was with the globe painted sculptures that were modern and great.
Disney World was inspired by Walt Disney and a fantastic work of conceptual art giving him a bit of heroic patina for Transcendian theory so much as I would easily consent to going there for honeymoon. Team Rodent is a fine book about that place and the rest of the “Land”, of Disneyland.
It was smart that all the land was secretly bought up so the sellers didn’t know to ask for more money. Doing things in secret is recommended in this world lots more than I personally expected. Even after study I don’t do secrets as much as I ought to.
Mind Control is paying liars too. Cigarettes aren’t good for you and don’t make you smarter. Look at the history of Bernays and then understand it is done to you and you will be brainwashed too. I got partly brain washed to sell Best Soap. I sold some soap, and then I didn’t. Brainwashing wore off I think.
But I often forget and can’t even say sometimes the whole story. It was bad. I never hated anybody really till I got married. That was a family of appearances and hate that is part of the womanly tradition from Peyton Place seen wrecking lives cause they can, with no other power to do anything. The book has the whole thing in it.
Now things are not nations, but wars between Public Relations Agencies, some in robes that are why you don’t want Theocracies.
I am answering then to the question about what was Iraq about. What is Iraq about? That is a question.
Good thing they aren’t asking more about what War it is, since it is WWIII.
I think I was confused when hedonism and anarchy didn’t feel right, and I couldn’t make settling down and just working at the airport work either.
Now when I know all and lots of course changing some in what the fashions of the times are in WWIII, lots of it isn’t reason to be confused, but to be horrified.
Will Elon Musk be able to create the mythic America on Mars? Wreckage of the physical and the spiritual on Earth sets up the Quest for freedom, or religious freedom, and then there will be the Muslium Theocratic Martian Pods to deal with whereas all they have to do is put leaks in your building.
What if we do carry all our problems with us?
Then it is pointless.
That would be bad.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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