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Click on my name Russell Scott Day, and you can scroll through posts. Otherwise you just see latest.
The site is connected and a combination of the old and the new, for was the original website that was then made into a database driven site to eliminate webmaster involvement, and simply allowed me to make posts.
This site, with the wordpress there on the end of the address, was made to support the store that was to sell the Xtree Wall Stickers. A paypal link was created so if you ordered a Wall Sticker it showed up on my wife’s phone then prompting communications with the photo g’s office and the printer, or just the printer.
Originally it was just set up to have orders go to the photographer from an Amazon listing who invested in mailing tubes, and was friends with the printer.
Last couple of years, we here, my wife and I never saw any orders, and they apparently continued to be received through the Amazon conduit, we filled and sent out.
The photographer did not communicate with me whenever this happened, other than to complain a few times. That was the reason for the creation of this, the option, which I liked because I could add photographs to it.
Still I am undercapitalized, you might say.
I had wanted to just pay a photographer, have the stock made to a warehouse able amount, advertise in urban metro markets with a cheap TV ad showing the delightful convenience of a Xtree Wall Sticker, I was calling Clings there for awhile, till now we have more competition.
Xmas trees that are real, and Xmas trees that are Artificial, together make up a 2 billion a year retail market.
There isn’t, other than the Xmas Tree Wall Sticker much of an alternative, and the Xmas Wall Sticker was made to compete in that market, and especially appeal to urban dwellers with little space for set up, of the real tree, or the artificial tree.
Okay, Your girlfriend you live with wants a real tree? Your wife and kids want you to hire a cab and load a tree and fight your way up the stairs with the damn thing.
It’s a fire hazard.
The artificial tree takes up in storage the space you would better use for a vampire coffin.
You want a really cool one made from canvas, with lights embedded? Fine, how much you want to pay?
I don’t know how the photographer, who wasn’t really clear with me on how he lost money, lost money, because I added things up, and added a profit margin and the shipping was separate.
The printer, hung up on me last time I was trying to plumb out and get the product made right. When it was first made I was in the hospital, and there is video of that, since I put it up and took it down in my hospital room.
Stuck really well to the wall, and because contrary to my instructions, the printer did the cut out around the limbs so that the thing at the tip folded up on itself with this glue and vinyl designed for the sides of trucks was a real bitch to unstick, allowing you, the customer to take it off the wall and reuse it for 20 years.
Okay, it is eco friendly, right?
I’m undercapitalized.
I found the photographer in my Facebook account, and called him up and asked him if he wanted to work with me on it, and he recognized the potential, and I went over there and directed it.
I tried hard to get ahold of John Waters, and make a fucked up kitschy tree like cause he is big with 25 cent Xmas.
I couldn’t get through.
“I had his contact info in three computers back.”, was what one guy told me. The DGA had a talent rep shunt where I ended up with a rude guy, who might as well have said “Fuck off”.
The big one, what is it? 3.5 by 5, something, I got to look, well my sister had trouble finding room on the wall.
We made up small cheery ones for all sizes left to put these things up so you will declare you are Xmas cheery.
Weird how you can’t tell if there are enough Xmas movies or not, and mostly not, because all through the season they show horror movies.
Few horror movies, with the exception of “The Shining” are worth watching. “The Shining” is now a real classic Xmas movie if you ask me.
They show it repeatedly during the Xmas season.
I have a Red Ryder BB rifle, myself. It’s great.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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