I’m Here and will Work as a Senator

Order from Karl

Karl Konig Poster of Russell Founder of Transcendia
Order from Karl

I am not sure how long ago I announced as intending to run for US Senate from NC.   It’s been at least a month ago.  I’ve made calls to the Federal Elections Commission.  They do not care to hear from me till I have 5 Grand.  I ought keep records.  I ought not do things somehow others can’t do.  So far the US Government does not appear to put much in my way.

I had asked the Country Party Leader to announce that I was intending to run for the US Senate.  He would not for some reason.  He is very good at rules and regulations which can be used to crush initiatives.  It would have been a great coup for the County to support the Insurodollar Resolution.  The Insurodollar is my gift to world labor as a world currency to replace the Petrodollar, Nixon’s gift.

Iran is not a nation of dummies.  I liked the brothers who were pilots and who had fled Iran.  They were funny.  I see that Iranians are poets and poetic.  The US leadership wants to piss on poets.  Poetry, the Poetry Foundation is working on it.  They are working on making poetry a bigger thing.  I get a poem a day from them.  I met the editor when I was in High School.  They took us there.  Urban Gateways Writers Workshop.  I had a scholarship.  I was a disadvantaged youth from a broken home.  Mom sent me to Chicago to live with my cousins.  The best NC High School wasn’t as good as the ghetto High School on the Southside of Chicago.  Kenwood.  I went to Kenwood on Blackstone for a year.  Changed my life.  I was a writer.  I was a poet.  They gave me a choice, go to NYC for 10 days, or go to Adventure in Creativity.  I went to Adventure in Creativity.  It was for 6 weeks.  I could stay away from home, from NC.  Teachers at the school,  Ron and Diane Chudley, worked for the CBC, said I could come stay with them to avoid the draft.  I graduated High School and hitch hiked to Toronto.  I was rude.  I didn’t mean to be.  They were sweet.  Three weeks later they dropped me off at Rochdale College.   I sold poems on the street in Yorkville.  Tuesdaily ripped off my poem and Lionel Douglas offered me Maintenance or Security.  He was the VP of the School.  I took Security.  I wanted more adventure.  I was 19.  I almost got thrown out a window.  I got a warning.  Corruption killed the place.  I could flee.  My number came up 346.  Rochdale was the name of the alley street my Uncles home was on in the Co-Op on 55th and Blackstone.  It’s ironic.

Rochdale was created in 1840 because of the textile industry there that took away independence of the people put to work in the mills.  People used not to need so much money.  They got what they needed from the land they lived on.  It happened to the peasants.  They had to band together to survive.

Not everybody is right for being the governor.  Everybody has a voice a vote and a right to speak.  That right to speak is the biggest thing.  King who can’t stop people talking, has to hear what the people have to say.  They might kill him.  Gets too bad for the people and being polite about it isn’t affordable.  They know they will get killed.  Some of them will be murdered.  The powerful come and kill off the organizers, the ones up to be the governors.  These people get murdered.

C.S.A. on the rise was a terrorizing force.  They would kill a guy for being pro Union.  They spied on their women.  They worried about what their women might do with the beautiful Black men.  They owned ’em.  Just beautiful bodies, the survivors they shipped over till they made a business of growing their own in Virginia.

I say if I hadn’t invented the Insurodollar in 2003, and remembered it when finishing the Transcendia Passport in 2015, I’d of had to after reading Ed Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told.  I see the expansion West of Slavery as the deciding factor in the US Civil War.  What good would it do for Free Labor to go West into the new Territories if they were to compete for work with Slave Labor?   I used to think it was just about killing people for work in Chicago, but the whole war was about what sort of labor had to compete with what other labor.  Labor competes.  The Union I was in is International.  Locals in one part of the US compete with Locals in Canada.  Better dollar rate, and the actors and writers and all can smoke pot and hashish in the coffee houses of Vancouver.  I don’t know anybody there.  I’m too much old and cripple now to be working like that.  They’d of honored my card though, if I went there.

Down South when I was growing up:  “I ought not have to pay to have a job!”  “Fuck the Unions.”   The Government sends people out, cops, to beat labor in the streets.  You pay people to beat you.  Fighting back is fighting.  I don’t yell “Fight” without thinking of what it really means.  I’ve been beat up.  Three guys beat the hell out of me.  I was protecting a porno star.  Some said I was stupid to defend a low woman.  She had rights.  Rape is rape.  I wasn’t going to let them just rape her.  I was working in a nightclub using my movies to make light shows.  Guy wanted to get me to make porno.  He brought her in.  Shy, not to bright.  She thanked me as I sat on the cold wet concrete on St. Paul Street in Rochester.  I moved to NYC.   I got beat there in a bar coming out of the bathroom.  I’d needed to piss long.  I’d had a lot of Harp.  Guy wanted in.  I called him an “Asshole”, said I’d be out.  I was apologizing when I opened the door.  He turned my bottom lip inside out.  Hurt me psychologically.  I stopped drinking.  My back was wrecked.  I was non union.  I was pushed out of business by things out of my control.  Labor conflicts.  Out of town money.  You can get beat.  You need friends.

Top of the tier capitalists don’t want to pay labor.  Cops will beat them for them.  Labor has to be organized to negotiate in advance of the violence.  Stave it off.  Gets real bad and you have to hurt people.  They hurt people first.  Put them out of business.  Change laws.

I haven’t got much against the Iranians.  The Iranians at the top are afraid of their people being to poor.  They had to take the deal.  The US is at the top now.  Currency is at the heart of the strength, and they can conduct economic warfare and win.  Beat the Iranians.  Think they can beat the Russians.  The Russians have nuclear weapons.

Russians are at economic war with the US.  I went on Twitter, to the State Department.  “I demand that Obama and Putin talk on the phone till this economic war is resolved.”  I mean it.  We don’t deserve war.  War and Corruption keep people poor.

You absolutely have to prevent and crush corruption.  This is what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are trying to do.  You need to vote for them.  You need to support them.  You need to understand what all this is about.  You need to know the History of it all, why things are this way.

Russia wants to sell Iran weapons.  Israel is their enemy.  Israel has nuclear weapons.  Israel threatens Iran.  Russia could extend its “Nuclear Umbrella” to Iran.  Obama opened Cuba.  Cuba had built a good port.  Cuba has a better port than North Carolina.  Expanding markets.  Nations want to export.  People get rich doing Import Export.   Putin wanted Cuba back.  Blockhead Republicans don’t want to be friends, trading partners with Cuba.  Would they rather it go back to the Russians?  You have to put things on the scale.  What’s better.  Timing matters.   Aircraft freighter companies, like one I worked for, will make more money being able to fly freight to and out of Cuba.

CIA ought be fired.  They do what “They” want too much.  They are supposed to work for the President.  They don’t care about the President.  They do what he wants if they like it.  Don’t like it, they fuck it up, or kill him.  I really think Richard Helms and James Angleton killed JFK.  I got to be an expert on espionage from writing for the Canadian “Inspector Gadget Show”.   It started with Interpol.  I had to know about it.  I did a lot of reading on the subject.

I think we thought the UN would be a “Government of Governments”.  When we were kids, we had a lot of hope invested in the UN.  I had a correspondence with Andre` Lewin.  He died in 2012.  He wrote me.  He had prostate cancer.  I think it killed him.  He mentioned Transcendia in his writings a few times.  He added UNTV to the Points for Reinvention of the UN.  Too many nations in the UN have good reasons to fear Free Speech TV.  If people in the poor nations knew about all the reasons they were poor, they would murder people.  Being nice hasn’t worked out.   I want to be a gentleman.  People think a gentleman never fights.  A gentleman picks his fights.   A gentleman is not corruptible.  I should run.   I’m old now.  I wasn’t a young professional politician, or at least I wasn’t normal.  I had a vision.  I touch it still.  It’s a touchstone in my mind now. I filled a bottle with marbles and mounted it on a piece of plywood.  It’s the closest thing to what the vision looked like.   Kurt Loomis made the first logo.  Chris Hickey made the first flag.

My wife said she divorced me over it.  She said I was a crazy megalomaniac.  I’m certified sane in NYS.  I’m certified as a good father.  I lost.  I lost my family about it.  She divorced me.  I was still, you know, proud.   I didn’t sue her for support.  I’d been taking care of our daughter and going to work at 4 AM for Piedmont.  Page Avjet demoted me.  Page was CIA.  Lots of Rochester N.Y. is CIA.  RIT’s President was outed as CIA.  I wrote an anti Star Wars Spy Story.  I wanted to sell it to Espionage Magazine.  They were a pulp mag for awhile.  I sold it to Gannet, Upstate Mag.  It was the only fiction cover story they ever used.  All the facts were correct.  They said I was weird.

US, the US is really Militarized.  The U of R has contracts.  Kodak is dead.  60 thousand jobs ruined.  They couldn’t hold back digital.  They didn’t want to compete with themselves.  They were making film for the spy planes and satellites.  Digital worked better.  They used to catch film dropped from satellites with these big Vs, catchers on the fronts of fast planes.  Sending it down by “wireless” makes more sense.  Polaroid made the cameras for the SR 71.  Al Hischew told me he’d trust it to mach 10.  Said he had to push down on the yoke to keep it from skipping off into space.  He was CIA.

The Military is supposed to work for the government, the citizenry.  It’s not supposed to be the other way around.  Your nation ought need imports.  Especially food.  Food is a weapon.  Greece had to do what the EU wanted or it was going to have problems buying enough food.  I failed to become a NY Life Insurance Broker.  I failed the test.  My wife divorced me.  I hadn’t heard about the family plan for me till the day after I was married.  I learned about insurance though.  I mean I studied it.  That’s the irony.  It is ironic I created the Insurodollar.  Maybe somebody else thought it up.  Supposedly Gephart did.  I think he got wore down.  He was working class.  I don’t live in Washington.  There are things I could find out living in Washington.  370 thousand a year and I might find a place.  I’d need some help.  I’ve got a chronic condition.  So what?  Lots of sick old men in Congress.  Who do you want in Washington, somebody like me, or some guy you never get to answer the phone?

We rent.  I’ve been married for 14 years?  13 years for sure.  She, my wife, wanted to get married.  I was scared of marriage.  We took a test.  The Pre Marital Inventory Test.  The  Priest said we were perfect, most perfect couple ever seen.  We got married.  It was a “Special Service”.  I threw the I Ching.  Came back “Time of Decrease”.  The third year was still tough.  That’s just the way it is.  Commitment.  Your life gains value, it’s better, if you are committed.  Don’t commit to the wrong ideals.  Don’t commit to the wrong people.  War and Peace, some people are liars.  Watch out.  Watch out for liars.

“Time of Decrease”, well, it came true.  I broke my hip falling through an open stairwell on a renovations, additions job.  The circular staircase hole was open for the Artist.  The Artist was supposed to come and do his measurements.  They left the place open for him.  I fell on a slab of concrete.  I was vacuuming the walls.  “Panter’s supposed to do this, and they do it with wet rollers anyway.”

“Painter is the client.   I want you to do it.”

I’m walking around dragging a shop vac and stepped in the hole.  I was looking up.   I fell sideways.  I hit the slab.  Bad landing.  I couldn’t get up.  Good thing I’d cleaned up downstairs.  I’d of landed on the compressor.  I broke something in my hand.  I broke my pelvis and my hip.

I lost my film jobs.  I got out of the loop.  People still called now and then.  I gave some jobs away from the bed.  People never returned the favor.  Not enough work anymore.  I liked working on movies, commercials, industrials.  People liked me better in NYC.  I got put out of business.

Workman’s Comp.  I know about Workman’s Comp.  You’re better off in the Union.  SAG is the best.  I almost got a SAG card.  You have to work a lot.  Now it’s SAG AFTRA.  I was versatile, diversified.  Fuck Alan Greenspan .  I’m a “Creative Economist”.  I’m an economist now.  You need your own food.  You need your own energy.  You need your own port.  These are real things.  Hell, you need your own rocket engines.

Economic war leads to real war.  Russia has everything to gain from US Rocket failures.  3 US Rockets blew up in a week.  What is it?  70 million per seat now for the US to get somebody to the Space Station.  ISS.  Sabotage ought be easy for them.  Biden’s son works for a Ukrainian gas company.  The GRU and FSB must know his every move.  He emails his dad, they ride that.  They don’t even have to ride his emails.  They must have their own inside with their rocket engines.  Boeing is likely an open book to them.  Their engines were supposed to have been destroyed.  Guy keeps them.  It’s Russia.

Russians are hard to do business with.  I tried.  There was an Iluysiun 27, 29, in Kazakistan.  They wanted to sell it.  Great for freight between London and Sidney.  US FAA doesn’t certify many Russian Planes.  Boeing doesn’t need the competition.   I found a buyer.  The price doubled and the pilots had to be hired.  I think they were stealing the plane.  Everything was up for sale then.  Gorbachev.  Then Yeltsin.  Everything was up for sale.  If it was in your hand in Russia, it was yours.  I mean the USSR.  What is it CIS?

I wanted to be a distributor.  Distribution is the key in movies and music, maybe games.  Tesla wants to sell direct.  Why not?  The world’s changed.  Apodaca, NC State Senator, writes a law.  Tesla can’t do that!  Making enemies of Tesla is a real bad idea.   NC has a great Community College system.  They train airplane mechanics and pilots at GTI.  27 of the 100 counties don’t have their own airports.  Don’t have public airports.  “Can’t get there from here.”  Come on?  Get a grip.  Businessmen don’t get around by bicycle.

Governor of NC is selling a Bond.  Bonds will do rich people a lot of good.  They don’t want to pay taxes.  They buy the bonds and lend the government money.  It’s sweet.  NC needs a straight road to its best deepwater port in Morehead City.  All its Counties deserve their own Local Community Public Airports.  Lots of them are off I Forty, or 95.  Lots of them have train tracks.  NC was supposed to benefit from the NC RR Company buy out.   I’ve not seen any thing change for the better.  NC government doesn’t make the train system work like it used to.  There are still 5,000 miles of track.  Probably 5,000 miles of rights of way.  Roads, the road system wrecks the rights of way.  For people, passengers, it really matters.  It doesn’t matter as much for freight.

I’d aim so it was that nowhere in the State of NC was over 4 hours away from anywhere else.  I’d aim so that nowhere in the world was no more than four hours away for anybody in the US to get anywhere else in the world.  We could have rocket ships do it.  Outside the atmosphere they wouldn’t pollute.  Get the burn out there.  It can happen.  It ought happen.  Personal contact in business is everything.  You need to know the guy at the other end of the phone.  Going faster further is what the generals want.  You have to think like a general.  Win, to win you have to go further faster with everything.

Wing in Ground effect planes and Ferries.  Wing in Ground effect vehicles burn less fuel.  Getting people, lots of soldiers to China from Pearl, fly low, fast.  I don’t know what jets can do it as they are.  They ought be burring tuber fuel anyway too.  Smashed yams the NCSU designed to grow only to make a good high BTU fuel.  It needs support.  The University System is the people of NC’s System.  They act like they are a private system now.  Tuition keeps going up.  They must not be selling all the R&D for the right price.  China uses the tech to get gas.  NC lets it go.  US let Germany take over Solar.

Nobody cares about the American.  The American is the great consumer.  The American is just supposed to buy all the stuff.  The American is supposed to make up for what the companies, drug companies can’t get out of other nations.  Other nations get the good price.  They just make the Americans cover the shortfall.  They have to have every bodies money.  I have to have drugs to keep me from twitching, or in so much pain it is unbearable.  Things like that.  Make me pay.  I have to have it.  If the CVS, or the University Dispensary closed for the apocalypse, pot would help with the spasms.  Hash oil.  I can’t get it .  There was an expensive synthetic pot based pill they gave me.  600 or something like that a month.  It didn’t work.

I like to get high now and then.  I know better about work and everyday.  It will turn on you.  It will become a depressant.  But right, yeah, the music, life is more fun some.  Life is hard.  Elephants want relief.  I can’t drink anymore.  Three beers and the pain would subside.  After work.  That’s what Ben Franklin meant.  “Beer is God’s proof he loves us.”  Ben was a genus.  He was a scientist.  We use his electric language all the time.  Positive, negative, neutral.  I don’t think he did back feed, green, neutral.  He did DC.  DC is back.  You need the Tesla power storage system for your Solar Panel combo.  I wanted to make and energy box.  Zip Codes and Coordinates like they set your house on google, youtube, advanced settings.  You get a box for your place.  You get your energy.  It’s like you can’t distribute the fireplace.  Its in your house.  The price of Volts DC Appliances is too high.  The hardware stores in the East don’t sell even solar charging systems.   You got to go online.  Somebody has work at the end of the line.

But the food, that’s connected right to the energy.  Farms can get all the gas they want from “waste”.  I mean to say shit really.  Chicken shit, and hog waste.  NC smell bad along I 40.  Would you move there?   It burns your nose.  Over at NCSU they have tech to use all that for energy.  Clean it up, make it smell better, use it to make gas, chemicals, acidic acid.  I don’t know what else.  They know at the University.  I’ve been asking them to tell the Legislature.  They need legislators to ask them they say.  I see it as their duty to inform the population.  The system, it is supposed to be our University System of Public Education.  I think it ought be their duty to keep ignorance at bay.

Scientists are depressed.  The world will end.  4 billion years and it will freeze out.  Engineers don’t worry about it.  Engineers just solve problems.  Henry Roberts, Hydraulic Engineer wrote Roberts Rules of Order.  Makes a meeting have a system to run government.  Legislators corrupt the rules.  Speakers abuse the rules.  A rule the engineer made is too good for their purposes.  They corrupt the process.  Special interests get to them.  NC, and 25 percent, working or not are living in poverty.  Their children don’t eat right or see the dentist enough.  They grow up mean and ignorant.  Fox is mean and ignorant.  It isn’t illegal to lie anymore.  Maybe it is still illegal to lie in a car commercial.  It got to be that way.  Maybe the law got rewritten.  Laws go into effect.  You need line item vetoes.  They’ll put anything in there.  Next thing you know they own your dick.  Women can’t get abortions.  They can’t kill what’s inside them. I don’t care if it is murder.  It is their right.  Why should they be forced to give it up even.  Have it and give it up.  They are forced to do that.  Then it is out there.  It’s their right to choice which haunt they prefer.  Life can be brutal.  Children are a blessing sure, sure, but a burden too.   You force people through your corruption of ideals, these demagogues, hate people who want to be free. Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson weren’t too much socialists.  Ben Franklin wanted them educated.  People could read.  He wanted the papers untaxed and there to be Public Libraries.  That’s what we got.  It works.  You get the children reading early and get them to love the life of the mind, and things are better.  I credit the Boy Scouts with saving my life.  I was an invader.  I was a Yankee.  They tried to hurt my sisters and brother.  I had to fight all the time.  In the Boy Scouts, I was safe from that.  A Ranger taught me to shoot.  Rangers don’t get all the credit the deserved.  They were on the beaches early.  They used revolvers because they would work with sand all in them.  A Ranger taught me to shoot.  I’m a Boy Scout gone wrong.  I have a gun.  Cat’s out of the bag in the US.  There are guns everywhere.  Someone gets the drop on you, well they got the drop on you.  That’s it.  Room over you hear gunshots.  You can go over there.  You’re armed.  Where I most need my gun, I can get arrested for having it.  It’s not fun gun to shoot.  I had one.  It was a sniper’s last chance.  Semi automatic Smith and Wesson 22 LR.  I could hit with it at a hundred yards.  I’ve still got a good eye and a bad eye.  Both lens are plastic.  I was going blind.  I had cataracts.  It was because of my psoriatic arthritis.  Thank God it’s just inherited.  My bad habits, my vices, didn’t get me.  I have to stop smoking again.  I stopped last time for 3 and half years.  I’m sorry.  I’ll die.

Meantime I want to help my friends, my class.  I don’t like everybody.  Crude ignorant mean people.  I can live without their company.  Working people in Europe seem educated.  You can talk to them.  “No Shame In Honest Work.”  My mother said.  You need a paycheck.  Honest pay isn’t coming the honest workers way.  They are taking all the money.  You can’t be rich enough.  The Super rich are eating the simply rich.  Stocks.  The banks won’t give you 4 percent.  You have to gamble with the paltry 10 million you might have.  The Wall Street Fraudsters know how to get all the money now.  They make it legal to loot any good company still standing.  They’re wrecking Timpkin Gears.  People, working people are going to get thrown out of work.  Capitalism for the working guy, woman, they don’t pay her right.  Capitalism isn’t working for working people.

Time is running out.  Time matters.  I can’t care what the Physicists say about time.  It matters to the engineers.  That’s enough.  That’s enough for me.  They have ruined a lot of water with the Fracking.  You can’t clean all the ruined water up.  They put things in it that are secret.  This is your water!  Off book accounting is what they call it.  All the commons is theirs.  They don’t care.  They move to England.  Now they move to the UK.  Crookedest bankers in the world.  London bankers.  Their Serious Fraud Department, whatever it is, worse than the US DOJ.  The local mechanic group, company Car Care Center.  Bought up.  Used to be Chapel Hill Tire.  We got the car inspected.  It was 77 dollars.  Nothing was wrong with the tires.  They wanted 12 hundred dollars, Car Care Center.  We can’t sue them really, because we weren’t harmed, because we didn’t believe them.  Took the car somewhere else.  We had time.  The case was dismissed.  C.M. Ferraro would have been better to have just given me a Warning Ticket.  Her case didn’t have merit.  I’ll hold it against her.  I don’t know what her Supervisor Lt. Stroud saw when he looked at the evidence.  Her tickets.  How many were citations to poor people as tickets they were going to suffer from.  How many were friendly Warnings?  I had no idea the car wasn’t right.  I’d been sick.  The car was dirty.  Rich peoples town.

They called it a crisis when Ellers and company bought up all the affordable apartments.  Ellers and Company is anticipating well off University renters.  Carolina North is going to bring in more University people.   It’s a Hegemon.  By law it won’t pay labor more than the private industry around.  Internationally pay all they want.  It’s a two tier wage situation.  Private Labor hasn’t given working people raises for 30 or 40 years.  A living wage would be fair.  The government is supposed to defend its people.  Defense from abuse by employers would mean they would pass another Minimum Wage.  When the government doesn’t defend your rights, then you had better be in a union.  I had to go free lance.  I had to work in another industry that paid more.  I had to run a business.  When the business failed, I failed.  Freelance, then I was only eligible for welfare.  I think I was eligible for 99 dollars a month.  I was broken up.  I couldn’t pick things up.  I was in a lot of pain.  I had to move around.  In the end, at the end of my working career I was back to hard labor, competing with young Mexicans.  I was doing work I’d done when I was out of school, emotionally broken.  I got scared on the tall building at the end of it trying to put the end rafters together.  It was good for me.  After that I wasn’t so suicidal.  I got a lot of girlfriends.  There was a great party.  It was a great April Fools Day Party.  Transcendian holiday.  It was the best April Fools Day Party.  The Holiday for Transcendia is April Fools.

I Intend to run for US Senate.  I got till February to get up the filing fee.  I hear the NC Democrats are looking for a Democrat to challenge Burr.  He signed the Norquist Nation Tax Payer Protection Pledge.  That’s how you know who your enemies are.  Those people abrogated their oath to you.  You live in the United States of America.  You don’t live in Norquist Nation.  You don’t live in the Confederate States of America.  The Union wants to do better for you.  Your State Government wants to move you around like you were cattle.  They sell you out as cheap labor.  You’re not that ignorant.  Your Community College System was made for you, and makes you excellent.  You don’t get paid well in your life, you don’t get much from your Social Security.  I got a good skill in NY. I got to be a Key Grip or a Gaffer.  It helped.

NC is worse now for creative classes in the movies and TV.  Worse than it was when I was still strong.  I’d recovered some from the back crushing stuff.  Then I worked at things.  UNTV, Time Warner asked me to do.  I did the 24 hour schedule.  It is somewhere in here now.  The site just got made mobile friendly.  I don’t know where the homepage for the original site is now.  Mobile friendly you say, my ass.  This is too long.  But here it is.  First of the Mobile friendly letters of the Transcendian Democrat Intendor to the US Senate.  Energy.  Energy, Nuke bombs, War on Drugs, end the reign of J. Edgar Hoover, end the reign of Meyer Lansky.  That’s what I’m good for in the US Senate.  I’ll write bills for you.  I’ll try to prevent the Apocalyptic Riot.  Tweet to the US State Department.  End the Economic Warfare with Russia.  It absolutely is a serious threat to us.  The Apocalyptic Riot could happen just like WWI.  History is like that.  Read it and you can see it all over again.  The Nukes matter.  Nukes make a big difference.  Russia has them.  Russia is pissed off.  The Hybrid War is a different thing, back to hand signals we go since all the tanks and planes radios won’t work, don’t work.  Drones fly around and crash.  Hybrid war.  It’s there.  They did some practice.  Some of it is just lies on SM.  RT, and Lee Camp does a good job on Obama.  I’m sorry.  I’m sure I could talk to him, enjoy his presence, but he deserves to be shaken up some.

Statehood for Russia would have given them a tradition of contract law that is necessary for upright Capitalism that builds companies and gives labor decent paychecks.  Russians are hard to do business with.  Mississippi, we have Mississippi.  Faulkner liked his place in Oxford.  States have some good spots.  If Faulkner so loved the place, it must be lovable, somehow.  Life is hard.  I hurt. I’m glad I’m not dead.  I’m going to finish the guitar.  I’ve got a problem with the winders and frets.  I’m getting educated.  The internet helps.  I want to start a band.



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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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