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Political Scientists

       The academic political scientists that they put on the radio and on the tv these days fasinate me as kibbitzers whereas us real guys know we ought to make a speech or kill somebody.

      It is interesting who gets paid to talk.

      Actually I have gotten paid to talk on occasion.

      I spoke for MCI on a TV Commercial, and I have been a paid editorial writer at some point in my writing career.

       I cannot really decide which is more important; rigging or writing.

      Rigging is more important.

      Tools come first.

      It is not for me to decide, but for me to recognize.

      Let us devide tools into two categories.

      There are life tools, and death tools.

      A plow is a life tool, and a nuclear bomb is a death tool.

      Now, my father told me that I would not exist if it were not for the atomic bombs that ended the war with Japan.

      He did not believe that he would survive after his combat across Germany.

       My Great Uncle survived four years in the South Pacific, so you never know, you might be luckier than you think, but still I felt my luck running out as far as a complete dependence on motorcycles and understand that if you can’t quit the results are more assured.

      Actually we do need to build nuclear power plants as a group, since we need all the energy we can get online as soon as possible.

      The direction of the tools to be made from the energy is the key to our survival through the bottleneck.

       It will be an impossiblity if we do not make nuclear weapons universally illegial.


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